December Newsletter (delivered on Thanksgiving)

December, a journey through Advent and on to Christmas. Will you be going to church? If so, do you expect condemnation and judgment or joy? We should be expecting joy! This December is jam packed with events, from an ordination to our vigil dinner and children’s Christmas presentation, free lunch on Sunday, Christmas decorating and the joy of beginning the forty days of Christmas. Be an active part of the church this December, discover joy, and greet the Lord.

You may view and download a copy of our December 2014 Newsletter right here.


Prayers in Preparation for Holy Synod – the Next 8 Days

shining dove with rays on a dark golden background

  1. Sunday, 9/21 – Holy Spirit, keep before our Holy Synod the wisdom and love 
that has been revealed in Jesus Christ. Help our Holy Church to become more and more like Him in word and deed.
  2. Monday, 9/22 – Holy Spirit, give Your gift of wisdom 
to those You have called to lead Your Holy Church. Guide them in leading our Holy Synod.
  3. Tuesday, 9/23 – Holy Spirit, Guide our Holy Synod so that its work may result in the growth of Your Holy Church. May many be brought to holiness, truth, and joy by its work.
  4. Wednesday, 9/24 – Holy Spirit, guide our Holy Synod and fill its delegates minds and hearts with your wisdom.
  5. Thursday, 9/25 – Holy Spirit, guide our Holy Synod in the way of Christ. Keep us ever faithful to Scripture and Holy Tradition and assist us in rejecting all that is contrary.
  6. Friday, 9/26 – Holy Spirit, may everything done at Holy Synod begin with Your inspiration, and continue with Your help. Grant that its work always finds its origin in You, and through Your help reach completion.
  7. Saturday, 9/27 – Holy Spirit, I know You hear my words and will show understanding to my hopes and needs. Guide our Holy Synod in doing Your work and help it to reach all of Your goals for us.
  8. Sunday, 9/28 – Father, without You we can do nothing. 
Send forth Your Holy Spirit and help our Holy Synod to know what is right 
and to eagerly do Your will.

Oh God, Who by the light of the Holy Spirit instructed the hearts of the faithful, Grant, that by the same Spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolation. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

September 2014 Newsletter – Preparing for Holy Synod

August 30th and our newsletter is here two days early!

September calls us to preparation for Holy Synod and the four things we are called to do: pray, take part, suggest, and be confident. September also calls us to ask God’s blessings upon our labor and to invite friends, family, and neighbors back to church. Read reports on our summer activities and all the wonderful things our youth have been engaged in. This summer showed forth so many blessings on our community of faith. We invite you be part of these blessings right here in Schenectady. You may view and download a copy right here — September 2014 Newsletter.


August 2014 Issue of God’s Field


The latest issue of God’s Field is now available online. This edition features reports on summer’s youth events with tons of pictures of our parish youth who participated in Kurs and CONVO. Our music scholarship winners are also prominently noted. Congratulations Christina and Victoria. Check updates and information about the Church’s upcoming Holy Synod.

Articles for the September issue are being accepted now through September 1, 2014. You may E-mail items and photos or send them to:

God’s Field
Polish National Catholic Church
1006 Pittston Avenue
Scranton, PA 18505

January 2014 Newsletter Available

For many the holiday parties are (almost) over, the presants unwrapped, and maybe resolutions have been made – yet we followers of Christ continue to celebrate the real Christmas season. Forty days of joy with Christ born anew in us. Check out the latest parish newsletter including official announcements, reflections, music scholarships, and good information should your New Year’s resolutions include better financial management (and maybe you will add to your cash-on-hand with our Outrageous Valentine’s Raffle). You may view and download a copy right here — January 2014 Newsletter.


God’s Field October 2013 Issue Now Available

God’s Field, the official newspaper of the Polish National Catholic Church, has returned and is being published on a monthly basis. The October issue is available on-line at the official Polish National Catholic Church website and Facebook page.


During the first transitional year of publication the Church will mail several hard copies of the newspaper to all PNCC parishes. By January 2015 a new subscription database will be completed and new annual subscription rates for online and hard copy issues will be announced.

Parishes are encouraged to submit articles for each issue by the first of each month. All articles arriving at the God’s Field office after the first of the month will be published in the following month’s issue. Articles may be submitted by E-mail or postal mail to:

Polish National Catholic Church
1006 Pittston Avenue
Scranton, PA 18505-4109

The Polish National Union and Our Church – A Partnership in Service and Love

On the fourth Sunday of September our Church offers prayers for our sister organization, the Polish National Union of America. Our Church under the direction of Bishop Hodur Spojnia_Logo_Sorganized the PNU in 1908 when members of our Church were denied insurance coverage because they were in the PNCC. Over the years the PNU has contributed millions of dollars for our PNCC and her many programs and endeavors. Did you know that our General Synod passed the following resolution: “It shall be the moral obligation of the clergy and the laity of the PNCC to belong to the Polish National Union of America” (PNCC Constitution, page 65)?

Today the PNU needs the support of all PNCC members to continue the excellent fraternal benefits they have been providing for more than a century. For additional information on the life insurance and annuity products offered by the PNU please call them at (800) 724-6352 or visit their website.

Reflection for the Sixth Sunday of Easter


Not another meeting!!!
Yes, just like the apostles.

And when Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension and debate with them, Paul and Barnabas and some of the others were appointed to go up to Jerusalem to the apostles and the elders about this question. The apostles and the elders were gathered together to consider this matter.

Any organization faced with questions and debate can choose between several courses of action. They can choose to let the boss decide. They can appoint a committee to study the issue and make recommendations. They can have open debate and discussion and still let the boss decide the outcome. They might meet and reach a consensus decision and act in accordance with that decision.

The early Church was not immune to questions and debate. How did they settle those?

We read that Paul and Barnabas were faced with questions and debates in the faith communities they served. They didn’t play the ‘I’m the apostle and I say so’ card. They didn’t appoint a commission to study the issue and give recommendations. Rather, they returned to the center of the Church in Jerusalem where the Church gathered in Council (or Synod) to decide on the matter collectively.

There is one key reason for doing this. The Church can only decide on important issues when it is assembled as one. When it exhibits this physical unity – gathered in Holy Synod – it also exhibits the fact that it is more than a corporation, company, club, or group. It shows the unity it has in the Holy Spirit. In Holy Synod the Church exhibits the unifying and guiding power of the Holy Spirit. The Church does not decide for itself just because. It decides as the Holy Spirit guides it to decide.

Our Holy Church closely adheres to the principals of the early Church in its democratic process. At the local level we gather during annual meetings and regular parish committee meetings to decide as guided by the Holy Spirit. We seek input and guidance from each member of the parish, because the Holy Spirit lives in us individually and most importantly as a collective body – the Body of Christ. Our diocese and the entire Church gather regularly in Holy Synod to exhibit both our physical unity and the underlying unity we have in the Holy Spirit. We trust that when gathered in meetings like these we are more that just a parish, just an organization. We are the Body of Christ, the Holy Church.

Another meeting, question, or debate? Greet each with joy as His disciples, His body, and see the Holy Spirit at work.

Reflection for the Institution of the PNCC


Who are you?
God’s children.

“Then the righteous man will stand with great confidence in the presence of those who have afflicted him, and those who make light of his labors. When they see him, they will be shaken with dreadful fear, and they will be amazed at his unexpected salvation. They will speak to one another in repentance, and in anguish of spirit they will groan, and say, ‘This is the man whom we once held in derision and made a byword of reproach — we fools!’”

In the coming week we will enter the Passiontide. We will recall our Lord riding triumphantly into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We will walk with Him from the upper room to the garden, to His arrest, imprisonment, trial, torture, execution, and death. He is that Man that was afflicted, whose labors were mocked and thought of as folly by His accusers.

Our Holy Church has walked with Jesus in His suffering. We have such closeness to all He experienced because we too have been mocked and accused. Our organizers, men and women, were beaten, imprisoned, spit at, and mocked. Many today still recall being called names as they went to church. The brothers and sisters of our Church in Poland were prevented from organizing and driven out of towns. During the Second World War they were placed in concentration camps and were martyred for their faith. The communists martyred Bishop Padewski for his witness to Christ.

Through it all, and into these days, often called the post-Christian era, we continue to stand in confidence, the confidence we have because of our faith in Him who assures our salvation.

We hold to the hope we have in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We know that as we have walked with Him in His suffering so too will we stand with Him in His glory.

Today we celebrate the institution of our Holy Church. 116 years ago we chose to live in Jesus, in His righteousness and freedom. We rejected the attitude of the mockers, the powers, the lords of the world and worldly power; the controllers and masters who used fear against the people rather than teaching His truth.

Those who seek Him will find Him here. The persecutors, the fear mongers, and those who claim “sole ownership” of God cannot hurt them or us. Those who, in anger, stand against God cannot affect them or us. We have His confidence.

The world looks at us now, and they ask, “Who are you?” We reply with joy, “The children of God.” We rejoice and know that we will never be accounted fools for we live in Him.