Bible Study for the Ordinary Week 30

  • 10/25 – Revelation 2:18-29 – If I were to write a letter to my church, what accomplishments should be highlighted? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, Son of God, you praised the humble church of Thyatira for the magnitude of faith. Help us to assess the vitality of a church by the depth of faith not by numbers of membership.
  • 10/26 – Revelation 3:14-22 – Which areas of my life would call for more spiritual fervor? Prayer starter: Lord, you have been knocking so often at my door without getting a proper response. Say the word that will touch my heart and heal me.
  • 10/27 – John 20:2-10 & John 21:20-24 – Which aspect of the Beloved Disciple’s testimony about Jesus speaks to me most? Prayer starter: We give you thanks, Lord Jesus, for the testimony of your Beloved disciple. May we enjoy, like him, the depth of your love.
  • 10/28 – John 13:12-20 – How do I fulfill Jesus’ commandment to serve? Prayer starter: Jesus, our Lord and Teacher, may we never forget that there is no better way to follow you than to love and serve one another just as you did.
  • 10/29 – John 15:1-17 – What have been the greatest moments of joy in my journey with Christ? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, your words have brought me true and lasting joy. Keep me in your love and in your joy always.
  • 10/30 – Mark 10:17-31 – What stops me from being generous to the poor and the needy? Prayer starter: When my earthly possessions and concerns keep me away from you, O Lord, give me the strength to let go of them and to follow you.
  • 10/31 – Matthew 28:16-20 – How have I carried out my responsibility to make disciples? Prayer starter: Jesus, O Emmanuel, be with us always and make each of one of us faithful and joyful witnesses of your Resurrection.

The month of October completes our studying of how we do follow Jesus

All Saints and All Souls Day

Holy Mass for All Souls Day (a Catholic Holy Day of Obligation) will be celebrated according to the normal Sunday schedule with Matins at approx. 9:20am and Holy Mass at 9:30am.

16The Observance of All Souls, at which we will remember our dearly departed, will take place in the evening on Monday, November 2nd.

Prayer list envelopes are available in the back of the church to place the names of your dearly departed for All Souls Day/Dzień Zaduszny. The reading of the Rote of the Departed/Wypominki will take place the evening of November 2nd and every Sunday morning throughout the month of November.

May our gracious Lord continue to bless the souls of whom He has brought to eternal life.

Ś + P Lillian Lazinski

Our oldest parishioner has answered the call of her Lord to come home … Ś.P. Lillian Lazinski, age 96, received the crown of eternal life on Thursday, October 15th. On that day Ś.P. Lillian answered her call to come to the banquet of eternity with her Creator God and Father. A Funeral Holy Mass was celebrated on Tuesday, October 20th.

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and may the perpetual light shine upon her.
May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

Wieczne odpoczynek racz jej dać Panie, a światłość wiekuista niechaj jej świeci.
Niech odpoczywają w pokoju, Amen.


Project Heifer – help us buy an ark

On Sunday, November 15th, we ask for your support to complete a project of the National United Youth Association.

Our parish generously contributed to the “Project to assist Heifer International” last year. Given the response from across the Church, we came up about $2,200 short of the $5,000 needed to purchase an ark of animals.

Therefore, on 11/15, the youth of our parish will be holding a BAKE SALE for this purpose. With these combined funds we will help the NUYA pursue the goal of helping a village somewhere on our planet to attain self-sufficiency. Please mark this on your calendar and plan your support!


Congratulations Music Scholarship winners

Bishop Francis BonczakWe pause to take this opportunity to acknowledge and congratulate the National United Choirs (NUC) Music Scholarship Recipients for 2009 in our parish. The announcement of these conferrals was made during the Music Workshop program in July.

Both Claudia Bertasso and Hannah Bilinski received scholarships this year in the same category. These were endowed scholarships given in memory of Ś.P. Bishop Francis Bonczak, who was a fierce supporter of the Choirs in a time past.

CONGRATULATIONS, Claudia and Hannah, for this honor begin bestowed upon you, and may our gracious Lord continue to enhance and bless the gift He has given to you.

A note about Ś.P. Bishop Francis Bonczak:

He was born December 1, 1881. Ordained to the Holy Priesthood on December 30, 1903. Consecrated Bishop on August 17, 1924. Entered into Eternal Rest September 21, 1967.

Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Milwaukee, WIFr. Bonczak organized Holy Name of Jesus Parish in West Milwaukee, WI in 1914. The Parish’s first church building was completed in 1917. Father Bonczak was succeeded in 1922 by Father Leon Grochowski, but he returned to the church as Bishop in 1930, retiring in 1953.

Bible Study for the Ordinary Week 29

  • 10/18 – Luke 10:1-24 – How will I share in the coming week the joy of being a Christian? Prayer starter: I give you thanks, Lord Jesus, for calling me by name and for enabling me to hear and see the wonders of your kingdom.
  • 10/19 – Luke 24:13-35 – Which part of the Emmaus experience speaks to me most? Prayer starter: Stay with us, Lord Jesus, enflame our hearts with your words and fill our souls with your bread of life.
  • 10/20 – John 20:24-31 – What has helped me more in times of uncertainty and doubting? Prayer starter: You are my Lord and my God, O Jesus. In times of doubt and darkness help my unbelief!
  • 10/21 – Acts 10:1-48 – When did I witness the action of the Spirit in unexpected places and people? Prayer starter: Spirit of God, you work wonders in your Church and yet through all creation and beyond all churches and religions in the hearts of all men and women of good will.
  • 10/22 – Acts 5:1-11 – How can I do more to share what I own with those most in need in the community? Prayer starter: Heavenly Father; give us true and sincere hearts open to the needs of the poor and moved by your Spirit of love.
  • 10/23 – Acts 16:13-18 – How can we value more the input of women in evangelization? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, open our hearts so that we can be an inclusive church in which men and women can share equally the joy of being evangelized and of evangelizing.
  • 10/24 – Revelation 2:1-7 – Does love hold pride of place in the life of our community? How could it be enhanced? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, help us to always put love at the very heart of our community and of our way of living out our faith in the world.

The month of October will have us studying just how do we follow Jesus.

Bible Study for the Ordinary Week 28

  • 10/11 – John 4:1-42 – Am I still thirsty of the living water offered by Jesus and his gospel? Prayer starter: Give us this day, O Lord, the living water that will spring into etemal life.
  • 10/12 – Luke 8:1-3 – How did women of my community help me journey with Jesus? Prayer starter: Lord, you have always showed great respect for women and acknowledged their faith. Help us, as a church, to overcome the barriers of prejudices and discrimination against them.
  • 10/13 – John 9:1-41 – How can I better profess my faith in Jesus when pressed by people who challenge gospel teachings? Prayer starter: You are the light of the world, Lord Jesus. Help me see the needs of my brothers and sisters and your wondrous deeds of mercy for the world.
  • 10/14 – John 20:11-18 – How does Mary Magdalene’s faith in Jesus touch me and inspire me? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, teach us to follow you with a sincere and loving heart like Mary Magdalene and to reach out to our brothers and sisters to share with them the joy of your resurrection.
  • 10/15 – Acts 9:1-22 – What has been for me the most decisive encounter with the Risen Jesus? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you have made of Paul, once persecutor of Christians, the most zealous proclaimer of your gospel. May we all learn, through his example, about the transforming power of your Resurrection.
  • 10/16 – Luke 9:57-62 – Is my commitment to Jesus as total as it should be? How can I make it greater? Prayer starter: Jesus, you never compromised with your Father’s will and you laid down your life for our salvation. Help us be true imitators of your love for the Father and for the world.
  • 10/17 – Luke 19:1-10 – How did I realize that salvation has come to my house? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you seek us even more than we can seek you. We give you thanks for calling us and for wishing to stay with us, sinners though we are.

The month of October will have us studying just how do we follow Jesus.

TO DO: on the Solemnity of the Christian Family

In the ministry of parenting and being children in a family, there are ways of working in family traditions or just a way to “lighten up” the family experience. Remember, being a family in the coming millennium takes some work; consider the following:

  1. Rent a funny movie and watch it together.
  2. Put a funny message on your telephone answering machine.
  3. Play a game of “Pictionary” with your family.
  4. If you have a home video camera, make a family “music video” to send to relatives. Make outrageous costumes, use household times as musical instruments, and lip sync a rock and roll record. Let the kids be the lead singer(s).
  5. Make ice cream sundaes for desert, but secretly make them with a scoop of mashed potatoes instead of ice cream.
  6. Hide love notes in your teenager’s underwear drawer.
  7. Write a note to your child/parent on his/her bed with jellybeans.
  8. Organize your family’s personal quest for the “world’s greatest pizza” by visiting every pizza place over the next two or three months.
  9. Come up with your own family holiday to celebrate once a year, like “National (your family name) Day”. Make it a day in the middle of the week (like the third Wednesday of October each year when everyone can cut school and do something fun together as a family.
  10. The best activity to do as an entire family: celebrate Holy Mass together each Sunday. It is one of the “glues” that keeps the Christian family strong not only in your home but in our culture.

May God bless your family activities together!!!

Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti DinnerHoly Name of Jesus Parish will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, October 17th from 4pm to 7pm in the Parish Hall, 1040 Pearl Street in Schenectady. The dinner includes salad, beverage, and dessert which add up to an epicurean delight.

Advance sale tickets are now available from Stephanie Dominy. Adults $9, $5 for children under 10.

Call the Parish at 518-372-1992 to reserve your seats.