CONVO 2010 is here!

Monday – Friday – CONVO 2010 at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ.

Youth from all over our Church will be assembling this week to study, pray, worship, have fun, fellowship, probably eat and sleep (although past experiences put these two in question). Please keep all of our youth and the 190 others who will be uplifted, loved, and taught during this week.

Thanks also to all of you who had either donated money for snacks, made snacks, provided for snacks for all the participants. And, again, for, lo, these many months, thank you for your sacrifice in allowing our youth to attend this great event. God bless you all!

Thank you!!!

T H A N K S for your support to complete a project of the National United Youth Association: You are all to be highly praised and thanked for your contribution towards the completion of this most ambitious project of the national Youth Association.

We have now, for the second year, joined with other concerned parishes of our Holy Church, to pool our funds and with a great concerted effort complete this task. Please know that your worthy donations will soon be mingling with those of the rest of the Church to aid some village somewhere in this planet to achieve self-sustenance and to perpetuate the skilis to continue to maintain a healthier way of life and a promise for those who will follow in this village.

Therefore, TODAY please take humble pride in knowing that you have done a great work for someone in this world, who will only have a thought of you to give you thanks. Thanks!!!

Project Heifer – help us buy an ark

On Sunday, November 15th, we ask for your support to complete a project of the National United Youth Association.

Our parish generously contributed to the “Project to assist Heifer International” last year. Given the response from across the Church, we came up about $2,200 short of the $5,000 needed to purchase an ark of animals.

Therefore, on 11/15, the youth of our parish will be holding a BAKE SALE for this purpose. With these combined funds we will help the NUYA pursue the goal of helping a village somewhere on our planet to attain self-sufficiency. Please mark this on your calendar and plan your support!