• 10/11 – John 4:1-42 – Am I still thirsty of the living water offered by Jesus and his gospel? Prayer starter: Give us this day, O Lord, the living water that will spring into etemal life.
  • 10/12 – Luke 8:1-3 – How did women of my community help me journey with Jesus? Prayer starter: Lord, you have always showed great respect for women and acknowledged their faith. Help us, as a church, to overcome the barriers of prejudices and discrimination against them.
  • 10/13 – John 9:1-41 – How can I better profess my faith in Jesus when pressed by people who challenge gospel teachings? Prayer starter: You are the light of the world, Lord Jesus. Help me see the needs of my brothers and sisters and your wondrous deeds of mercy for the world.
  • 10/14 – John 20:11-18 – How does Mary Magdalene’s faith in Jesus touch me and inspire me? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, teach us to follow you with a sincere and loving heart like Mary Magdalene and to reach out to our brothers and sisters to share with them the joy of your resurrection.
  • 10/15 – Acts 9:1-22 – What has been for me the most decisive encounter with the Risen Jesus? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you have made of Paul, once persecutor of Christians, the most zealous proclaimer of your gospel. May we all learn, through his example, about the transforming power of your Resurrection.
  • 10/16 – Luke 9:57-62 – Is my commitment to Jesus as total as it should be? How can I make it greater? Prayer starter: Jesus, you never compromised with your Father’s will and you laid down your life for our salvation. Help us be true imitators of your love for the Father and for the world.
  • 10/17 – Luke 19:1-10 – How did I realize that salvation has come to my house? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you seek us even more than we can seek you. We give you thanks for calling us and for wishing to stay with us, sinners though we are.

The month of October will have us studying just how do we follow Jesus.