How can I glorify You?
Sing my symphony of love!

“In him we were also chosen, so that we might exist for the praise of his glory, we who first hoped in Christ.”

A young man wrote: Why am I angry? This morning, I became angry after someone hurt me. I just realized that I had no place to go with my anger and so I kept it within although outwardly I appeared pleasant. This was a pattern of living that led to my burnout and depression of a few years ago. There is something here that the Lord wants to work on.

I was just reflecting on Ephesians and what struck me was the repetition of “to the praise of His glory.” I was chosen, adopted, redeemed, forgiven and given hope in Christ and the indwelling Spirit and the reason: It is all about Him– “to the praise of His glory.”

I realize that anger often results in me when I think and act like it is all about me. Lord, forgive me–how often my life is lived–not to the praise of Your glory but for my pleasure, comfort, insecurities, fears. I perceived that my rights were violated today and I became angry which only reveals that it was all about me at that point. Thank you God that there is ongoing redemption, forgiveness and hope in Christ. To the praise of His glory!!!

Today we learn of Amos’ journey to Bethel after God called him. When confronted, Amos told Amaziah who he was; a simple shepherd and a dresser of sycamores called by God. He didn’t react in anger. He didn’t quit and run back home. He stood his ground to praise and glorify God by doing God’s work.

Paul tells the Ephesians to concentrate on glorifying God because of the great riches of grace God has given us in Jesus.

Jesus sent out His disciples to deliver a message — that something wonderful had happened. God entered the world and salvation had come. Sins were to be forgiven. Healing was to take place. We have a home in God’s heart; a new song to sing.

This is the Divine symphony, a song of great love, of triumph, of security, release from sin, healing. Our job is to go out like Amos, like the Ephesians, like the disciples – because that is what we are.

We set forth from this house of worship, not with iPods or radios, but with the music of the Divine symphony within us.

So many need this music, this message – that God’s symphony is for them too. Stand like Amos and deliver. Go like the disciples and praise Him by our music – the word of God.