• 7/15 – Psalm 150:1-6 – Lord God, grant that we may praise You in all we do, in our every action, in our every thought. May our lives sing out Your praise.
  • 7/16 – Psalm 103:2 – Lord, may my soul never forget to bless and praise You. Keep me mindful of all You do for me.
  • 7/17 – Psalm 65:1-3 – Lord, I praise and worship You. You withhold nothing from me. You save me each day. I vow to live in Your way; grant that it be so.
  • 7/18 – Psalm 148 – Lord God, nature sings out Your praise. Grant that I may see Your hand everywhere singing Your glory in unison with all nature.
  • 7/19 – Psalm 21:13 – Lord God, You are mighty, all that exists belongs to You. Your miracles surround us. Grant that we may trust solely in Your strength.
  • 7/20 – Psalm 33:1-3 – Lord God, grant that through the guidance of Your Holy Spirit within Your Holy Church we may grow in righteousness, standing as one in praise of You.
  • 7/21 – Psalm 107:8-9 – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we yearn for life with You. You alone can satisfy our hearts. Grant that all humanity may recognize and praise You with one voice through my Christian faith.

Pray the week: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we praise You without end.