A Word From Father Stan About Last Weekend …

I tried all week to come up with some words on how the resuIt of our hosting the Ninth Annual Mission & Evangelism Workshop had been expressed to both participant and guest; I couldn’t come up with any that truly expressed the success of all of our efforts had provided.

  • First of all, was all the prep time put in to the hall and the needed cleaning and getting ready there
  • The preparation of the gift bags and all that went into that effort
  • The bringing of the cushions for our guests to be able to learn and stay focused on the speakers’ presentation
  • The banners produced by the SOCL class and Deborah which provided our guests with an insight into what we do here as a church
  • The donations of the pens, cups, soda, water, cookies that again were a blessing
  • The precision with which the pick-up and delivery schedules allowed a safe and timely passage for those guests in need of transportation
  • The wonderful breakfast provided for and served by our parishioners
  • The spirit of hospitality and greeting for those who had come from far and wide to share in the afternoon
  • The very positive and comfortable image that our Prime Bishop and our Diocesan Bishop have now of the congregation here in Schenectady
  • The time of clean up on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon
  • The group of parishioners who attended the opening Mass on Friday giving our Prime Bishop and Diocesan Bishop a good sense of our parochial involvement
  • Our regular Sunday congregation who mingled their voices of praise and prayer with the attendees
  • A sense of real accomplishment that we had served our Lord well by serving our Church and our fellow sisters and brothers of the Faith in their desire to learn more on how to do mission and evangelism. For all of you, may God truly bless you for your sacrifice!