May is here and our thoughts turn to Mary and Mom. They are not mythological creatures or goddesses – but rather true witnesses to commitment and dedication. Let’s pray together and ask Mary’s intercession for our moms while reflecting on what their commitment and dedication say to us.

Our newsletter arrives as warmer days have finally arrived in New York’s Capital District. Get out there, tend to the garden and do not forget about God’s garden – help your spiritual life grow too. Our schedule is jam packed with great events – please join us. We have added a new monthly Holy Mass and Anointing for Healing. The first will be May 18th at 6:15pm. Read more and reflect on what it means to be PNCC, get updates on Church-wide events for this year of regeneration, and check out the summer schedule.

You may view and download a copy of our May 2015 Newsletter right here.

Mothers by Martin Creed

One thought on “May 2015 Newsletter – Mary and Mom, a Life of Commitment and Dedication

  1. What a GREAT parish newsletter! There is information for everyone. I was especially impressed with the section called “What Does Being PNCC Mean?” If I lived in Schenectady, I would be sure to visit your parish.

    You are very fortunate to have Father Jim Konicki as your pastor.

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