Can you just stop about Him?

“…they shall know that a prophet has been among them.”

Mark Bocinsky writes to teens and discusses Holy Boldness. He says: Being bold is more than acting without thinking. Being bold is much more than being close-minded, pretending to be tough, and never backing down.

I want to be bold, but I want to live in holy boldness (Acts 4:13). The Apostles, after being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit were bold with the leaders, elders, and scribes as they preached the Gospel even when being told to shut up. “Observing the boldness of Peter and John and perceiving them to be uneducated, ordinary men, [the leaders, elders and scribes] recognized them as companions of JESUS” There was something different about them. They didn’t seem like exceptional people, but the leaders knew, through their boldness, that they were companions of Jesus. Do people see how we are living and speaking and acting and know that we must be followers of Christ?

Now, so often in the past I have tried to imitate this boldness and fallen flat on my face. You see, in the past I have translated boldness as acting without thinking, and that certainly isn’t boldness: that’s stupidity. If our boldness isn’t united with love, then we’re just being rebels. We must have a reason for our boldness. If we are striving for holy boldness, than we must be united with Christ. The way to holiness is to remain in Him.

Being bold is taking that next step in speaking the truth. Holy boldness, combined with love while being rooted in Christ, will change the world.

Today we hear of Ezekiel’s calling, to go and be a prophet. We see Jesus scorned by the townsfolk He knew since childhood. They couldn’t recognize Him as prophet and Messiah.
Like Ezekiel, we are called to be bold prophets, to speak of God and His way to all we meet. In doing that we provide them with the opportunity to know Jesus. Like Jesus, we must go out and speak the way of life, the Gospel, boldly knowing that some will not accept us.

The key to holy boldness is to be faithful to Jesus’ way. Go out relying on His promises. Be bold and filled with love. In our love we show Jesus’ way and open the door to people’s understanding and acceptance of Him. If told to shut up, respond with the love of Jesus, because that’s the best and boldest way to be His prophets and change the world. Doing all this, they will know a prophet has come.