We pray for all the youth of our parish, our seniorarte, our diocese, and our Church especially this morning. We ask for God’s guidance as they return to the classroom, and that they be kept safe from societal and cultural harm as they move through their days. May we “elder brethren” be good examples of faith, love, and courage to them and for them.

A Prayer of Spouses, for Children, for Parents, for Families…

We asked God for strength,
that we might achieve,
We were made weak,
that we might learn humbly to obey.

We asked for health,
that we might do greater things,
We were given infirmity,
that we might do better things.

We asked for riches,
that we might be happy,
We were given poverty,
that we might be wise.

We asked for power,
that we might have the praise of others,
We were given weakness,
that we might feel the need of God.

We asked for things,
that we might enjoy life,
we were given life,
that we might enjoy all things.

We got nothing that we asked for –
but everything we hoped for,
Almost despite ourselves,
our unspoken prayers were answered
We are, among all, richly blessed!