• 8/21 – 2 Samuel 5 – Is it important for me to feel as if my life is in order? What level of uncertainty and lack of control am I comfortable living with?
  • 8/22 – 2 Samuel 6 – Do I hold back in any way from God? Do I feel a need to restrain myself or hide parts of myself from God?
  • 8/23 – 2 Samuel 7-9 – How has God fulfilled his promises to me? How have I experienced God’s blessings? Have they sometimes come in unexpected ways?
  • 8/24 – 2 Samuel 10-12 – What are the most powerful temptations in my life? What do I do to combat them and remain close to God? What is sometimes necessary to get me to admit my own sinfulness?
  • 8/25 – 2 Samuel 13-14 – These are complicated situations and conflicts in my own life. What are the causes of these situations? As I work out these conflicts, do I involve God?
  • 8/26 – 2 Samuel 15-16 – Why is family conflict so especially painful? Are there any family conflicts that are beyond resolution?
  • 8/27 – 2 Samuel 17-18 – When have I hesitated to tell someone the truth? Why? What am I afraid of?

The month continues with the study of the powerful prophet of God, Samuel. Although trained by an elder prophet, Eli, Samuel spoke powerfully for the Lord. Let him speak powerfully to you.