Bible Study for Ordinary Week 30

  • 10/24 – 2 Timothy 2:14-26 – Do I spend more time arguing about religious issues than doing the good I could do? Do I get wrapped up in matters that bear on my behavior? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, help me keep my eyes on you and on what you want me to do. Give me the wisdom to sort out the relevant and the important.
  • 10/25 – 2 Timothy 3 – How has my reading of Scripture equipped me for some specific service of the Lord? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for speaking to me through the words of Scripture. Send your Holy Spirit upon me so that I may clearly hear your voice.
  • 10/26 – 2 Timothy 4:1-8 – How does verse 5 apply to me in my situation? Am I determined to keep the faith, no matter what? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, give me the grace of always remaining faithful to you. Give me the strength to persevere in my calling and to give my all in my service of you.
  • 10/27 – 2 Timothy 4:9-22 – What image does today’s reading give me of the human side of Paul? What are the impressions I am taking away from my reading this month? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for rescuing me as you rescued Paul. I trust you to bring me safely to your heavenly kingdom, so that I may be with you always.
  • 10/28 – Psalm 101 – How do I choose those to whom I listen? Do I pray for wisdom for faithful advisors and friends? Prayer starter: To you, Lord, I sing praise for the faithful friends and advisors you have given me. Help us together to listen to you and to contribute to the building of a just world.
  • 10/29 – Psalm 102 and Psalm 103 – Do I really believe that God forgives me all the time? Do I forgive myself? Am I willing to forgive others? Prayer starter: Loving God, teach me to trust your overwhelming love for me. Open my heart to you.
  • 10/30 – Psalm 104 – Where do we find God in our history today? How does God care for us and save us from danger and destruction? Prayer starter: God of all time, we praise you for your unfailing presence in every century. We see your hand, rescuing us from today’s enslaving powers. We find your blessing in your gifts that sustain us.

A historic event: Installation of the 7th Prime Bishop of the PNCC

On Sunday, November 21st, the seventh Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church will be formally installed for service in a solemn ceremony prior to Holy Mass concelebrated by all the Bishops of our Church. (we currently have 2 Prime Bishops Emeritus, 1 retired bishop, 6 active bishops and 1 bishop-elect).

The Ceremonies shall begin at 3pm, with a dinner following at the Scranton Hilton Hotel. The Supreme Council of the Church is hosting this dinner at no charge to the attendees.

Ecumenical dignitaries have been invited to participate as well as local governmental officials. Local television coverage has been arranged, with the possibility of the ceremony being carried into the national broadcast venue.

We will need to let the National Church Office know of the number of attendees by November 5th. Again, there is no cost to attend the dinner.

We won’t have to consider the planning of an event like this for another eight years; and, since our new Prime Bishop is only 44 years old, we may not have to consider this event for another 16 years. So it is of importance that we consider witnessing this great event in the life of our Holy Church.

Please let Father Stan know of your intentions to represent our parish for this important time in the life of our Holy Church.

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 29

  • 10/17 – 1 Timothy 4:6-16 – What gifts and graces have I been given? How diligent am I in leading a life of devotion? Prayer starter: Come, Holy Spirit, enkindle a fire of love in me, so that I may serve not out of duty by out of desire. Teach me the meaning of true devotion; show me how I am to use my gifts.
  • 10/18 – 1 Timothy 5:1-16 – Do I view care for my relatives as an integral part of my Christian faith? Am I neglecting anyone who needs my help? Prayer starter: Father, we are your children; you call us to care for each other: Give me the grace to care as you care for me.
  • 10/19 – 1 Timothy 5:17-25 and 1 Timothy 6:1-2 – How supportive am I of my pastor? What might I do to make his job easier? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord, for the men that you have called to roles of responsibility and service in the Church. Show me how I can help them carry out their call.
  • 10/20 – 1 Timothy 6:2-10 – Where is the treasure I am storing up? Do I need more money or more contentment with what I have? What might God be saying to me today? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you led a much simpler life than I lead, and you showed great concern for the poor. Give me the grace to imitate your example.
  • 10/21 – 1 Timothy 6:11-21 – What hope do these verses hold out to you? What do they ask of you? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, give me the grace of living up to my call. Fill me with devotion and love, patience and gentleness. Guide my footsteps today in my following of you.
  • 10/22 – 2 Timothy 1 – If I knew I would die soon, whom would I write or call to make my farewells? What would I tell them about my relationship with Jesus? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me life and immortality. I want to live each day as one who has received great gifts from you. I want to use all you have given me in your service.
  • 10/23 – 2 Timothy 2:1-13 – “If we persevere, we shall reign with him”. Where is my perseverance now being most tested? What keeps me going when I am tempted to give up? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you are my hope. Your resurrection promises me resurrection; your triumph over death gives me the strength to embrace your cross. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Congratulations to Adam Konicki & Hannah Bilinski

These are our National United Choirs Music Scholarship recipients for 2010. The announcement of the Scholarships was made during Convo 2010 in July. Of the 18 Scholarships awarded this year, eight were in attendance at the Convo and were able to receive the accolades of their peers.

Adam, a first-time recipient, received the Polish National Union Award. This Award is endowed by our fraternal organization and is given to a member of both the Church and Spójnia. We congratulate Adam for this accomplishment and look forward to his sharing his God-given talent with us here in church sometime in the future.

Hannah received the George J. Balcar Award. George was a lifetime member of the Church. His home parish was SS. Cyril and Methodius in Chicago, IL. He was a dedicated churchman seriously devoted to his parish and his Church. George was also intricately involved in the United Choirs, being both the Treasurer of the Western Diocesan Circle Choirs and of the National Board. After his passing, and in recognition of his fierce love for the Choirs and the Church, this Fund was established to honor those of the same mettle.

Our heartfelt congratulations are extended to our 2010 recipients.

Applications for 2011 Scholarships will be available in February. Let us have all our parish musicians apply to be so honored.

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 28

  • 10/10 – Titus 1 – What difference has my allegiance to Christ made in how I behave? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, make me a living example of the transforming power of your grace. May I never bring discredit to what I believe by how I behave.
  • 10/11 – Titus 3 – Include yourself among the “our” and “us” in these verses, and ponder what God has done for you through Jesus. Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you are kindness and love of God come among us in human flesh. Thank you Lord, Jesus, for all you give me.
  • 10/12 – 1 Timothy 1:1-11 – What does “love from a pure heart” mean to me? How easily distracted from love am I? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, purge me of all that distracts me from living accorcdng to your word.
  • 10/13 – 1 Timothy 1:12-20 – Have I lost hope overcoming my habitual sins? Am I ever tempted to doubt that God loves me and invites me to eternal union with him? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming to overcome my sins and to take me to your Father.
  • 10/14 – 1 Timothy 2 – If I had to compose a short acclamation that summed up and proclaimed the most basic elements of my faith, what would I say? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for ransoming us from sin and death by offering up your own life.
  • 10/15 – 1 Timothy 3:1-13 – Which of the qualities listed in today’s reading do I have? Which do I lack? How do the qualities I possess enable me to serve Christ and the Church? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, help me to live my ordinary life well, so that I will be prepared for anything extraordinary you ask of me.
  • 10/16 – 1 Timothy 3:14-16 and 1 Timothy 4:1-5 – Do I compartmentalize my life, setting aside certain times for God by banishing him from the rest of the day? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all the good things of life that you allow me to enjoy. Thank you for sharing my humanity so that I might share your divinity. All you have given me is your promise of more.

Upcoming Parish Events

SOCL: Our School of Christian Living sessions begin next Sunday, October 17th. Registration for these sessions continues. Children who have reached the necessary age for sacramental preparation will be enrolled for those session. We’re looking forward to another great year!

Music Scholarships: We will recognize and congratulate all Music Scholarship recipients from our Parish next Sunday, October 17th. In honor of their accomplishment we will share in coffee and cake following Holy Mass.

Semi-Annual Rummage Sale: Our Fall edition of our semi-annual rummage sale will take place on Saturday, October 23rd. Have something that needs a good home, a good home looking for something, make the connection.

Donations to Help Pets: Our annual tradition of gathering items for pets in need and pet rescue organizations continues. Please drop items off at the Parish.

Operation Christmas Child: We will be collecting shoeboxes during the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November. Let us once again help Samaritan’s Purse bring the love of Jesus to a child somewhere on our plant once again this year.

Pampered Chef: Stay tuned for further details on our Pampered Chef party following Holy Mass on Sunday, November 7th. Will Father Stan and Deacon Jim put on another edition of “Cooking with Clergy?”

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 27

  • 10/3 – 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 – How would I define holiness? Am I consciously trying to grow in holiness? What sins are impeding my growth in holiness? Prayer starter: Father, Son and Spirit, fill me with your life and love. Purge me of any sins that keep me apart from you.
  • 10/4 – 1 Thessalonians 4:13 – 5:11 – What consolation and encouragement do Paul’s words have for me? Am I living as one prepared for Jesus at any moment? Prayer starter: Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for giving yourself up to death so that I may live.
  • 10/5 – 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28 – Which of these verses might particularly apply to you at this point in your life? Are you confident God can finish what he has begun in you? Prayer starter: Father, complete your work in me. Transform me through your Holy Spirit into the person you intend me to be so that you can welcome me into your eternal presence.
  • 10/6 – 2 Thessalonians 1 – Do I experience opposition because I follow Christ? What are my attitudes and behavior toward those who may make my life difficult? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you have preserved me from the suffering you have asked many of your followers to endure for your sake.
  • 10/7 – 2 Thessalonians 2 – Does it bother me that there are passages in Scripture that I do not understand? Am I able to shape my life by what I do understand? Prayer starter: Lord, your ways are sometime a mystery to me. Yet you have told me how I am to live, and I understand that well enough to obey.
  • 10/8 – 2 Thessalonians 3 – Am I heeding any idle speculations about my Christian faith that lead me to inaction or doubt? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you are with me every day protecting me and guarding me. Give me the peace that comes from contentment with all that you have given me.
  • 10/9 – Titus 1 – How do the qualifications listed in verse 7 to 9 apply to me in my call from God? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you have called me to serve you just as you called Paul and Titus. Give me the graces I need to carry out my service. Safeguard my faith and allegiance to you.

On the subject of the Holy Synod

One more word about our Holy Synod this week —

First, thanks to all of you who participated in the discussion concerning the Synod during Coffee Hour last week. It is hoped that all your questions were answered.

It cannot be lightly said that this upcoming week is not one of vacation and/or relaxation. The very life of the Church is at stake; its future; its structure; and its program.

Although we all cannot be there to listen to the deliberations, we can be of support through prayer. Please do not let this week go by without committing
some of your prayer time for the Synod. Thanks!!!

Novena to the Holy Spirit – Day 9

Come, O Holy Comforter, and grant me a relish
for heavenly things. Produce in my soul the
fruits of virtue, so that, being filled with all
sweetness and joy in the pursuit of good, I may
attain unto eternal blessedness. As the Holy
Synod will gather tomorrow to begin its
historical deliberations and planning for the
next four years, allow Your gifts to be ever-
present in all that is said, done, prayed for,
believed in, and accomplished until
adjournment. Allow also that all that is decided
upon be for the praise of Your Holy Name and
for the benefit of all the members of the Polish
National Catholic Church.

Novena to the Holy Spirit – Day 8

Come, O Spirit of Wonder, penetrate my inmost
heart, that l may set You, my Lord and God,
before my face forever; and shun all things that
can offend You so that I may be made worthy to
appear before the pure eyes of Your divine
Majesty in the heaven of heavens, where You
live and reign in the unity of the Ever-blessed
Trinity, world without end. Especially allow
our Holy Synod to gather and deliberate while
all the while having wonder in Your Presence,
and allow them to depend on Your interaction
in all the deliberations that shall take place
during the time of Holy Synod.