Bible Study for Ordinary Week 22

  • 8/29 – Genesis 29:21-35 and Genesis 30:1-13 – Who comes to mind when I have good news to share? Do they know how important they are to me? Prayer starter: Holy One, I want to take a few minutes to remember what gives me comfort and support in the dailyness of my life, and to thank you!
  • 8/30 – Deuteronomy 33:1-29 – Is there some enslavement or desert-like isolation in my life? What am I doing to get free? Prayer starter: Ineffable Yahweh, teach me to turn to you in my distress and to be confident that you will help me.
  • 8/31 – Isaiah 30:8-26 – Where do I situate myself in relation to the culture of 24/7 light, noise, activity, and entertainment? Prayer starter: Lord, you who are present in stillness and peace, help me to organize my life and myself so that I can enjoy the pleasure of your company.
  • 9/1 – Psalm 33:1-22 – Who or what is really God in my life? Prayer starter: Holy Unnamable One, teach me your way, and how to walk beside you faithfully.
  • 9/2 – Psalm 34:1-22 – What are the people, places, or things to which I turn for refuge, to be safe? Prayer starter: Lord, my shelter and my refuge, being with you sometimes seems easier than thinking about you. It is more important too. Help me to be present to you.
  • 9/3 – Sirach 31:1-11 – What is my “relationship” to money and wealth? Is it at my service? Am I at the service of it? Prayer starter: Most Generous One, make my heart large, my hands open, with what I have. Help me to be generous with those who have less than I.
  • 9/4 – Psalm 106:1-13 – “Human sacrifice:” the use (manipulation) of other human beings to get what I want. When have I been guilty of this? Prayer starter: Holy One, help me to remember and respect the sovereignty the dignity of each person with whom I interact. Enable me to resist the urge to push for my own purposes.

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 21

  • 8/22 – 2 Chronicles 30:1-27 – How can we revive our Christian feast of Easter as an empowering celebration of life and freedom regained? Prayer starter: Blessed are you Lord, king of the universe, for your mighty deeds throughout the ages to set your people free from bondage and oppression.
  • 8/23 – 2 Chronicles 32:1-23 – In times of great adversity, do I trust in the “Greater One” who abides in me and cares for me? Prayer starter: Jesus, Son of God, you are my Lord and my Savior and I trust that no one or anything “will be able to separate me” from your love.
  • 8/24 – 2 Chronicles 32:24-33 – Do I take time to express my gratitude to God for personal achievements and blessings received? Prayer starter: In times of success let my heart, O Lord, be humble and always be grateful to you for the gift of life and its enjoyment.
  • 8/25 – 2 Chronicles 34:1-33 – Who and what has helped me to discover or rediscover the word of God? Prayer starter: Lord God, you have spoken in many and various ways by the prophets: and ultimately by your Son. Help us to be fully receptive to their words and make them bear fruit.
  • 8/26 – 2 Chronicles 36:1-19 – What lessons shall I remember from the Chronicler’s vision of the history of Judah and Jerusalem? Prayer starter: O Lord, remember the city and the people of your covenant. Make them anew a city and people of joy and peace.
  • 8/27 – 2 Chronicles 36:20-23 – Are we a people of hope in the midst of huge challenges facing our Church? Prayer starter: Blessed are you, Lord, who delivers the captives and who holds plans for the peace of Jerusalem.
  • 8/28 – 1 Kings 10:1-10 – How open am I to the insights and perspective of other cultures, especially those that are very foreign to my own? Prayer starter: Lord of all nations, open my mind to what is not familiar, to the hard won insights and wisdom of all the great religious traditions.

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 20

  • 8/15 – 2 Chronicles 10-12 – Do I feel for divisions among churches and religions and how can I contribute to reconciliation and dialogue? Prayer starter: Lord and Father of all, forgive us our divisions between nations, cultures, and religions and gather us to live as the one family of your beloved children.
  • 8/16 – 2 Chronicles 14-15 – In what circumstances have I felt that, Without God, “no mortal” can prevail? Prayer starter: Lord, let me rely on you in times of trial and distress so that your love and your mercy may prevail.
  • 8/17 – 2 Chronicles 19:1-11 – To what extent do I make judgements on others with a true sense of justice and in “the fear of the Lord?” Prayer starter: Lord, teach us the ways of justice and righteousness that we may honor you and show deep respect for everyone’s dignity.
  • 8/18 – 2 Chronicles 20:1-37 – Do we care and pray enough for peace in the world or are we getting resigned to rumors of war? Prayer starter: Lord of power and might, your plans and you thoughts are for peace. Help us to get rid of our weapons and to bring silence to all rumors of war.
  • 8/19 – 2 Chronicles 26:1-23 – Who are the unclean and the outcasts of today that are secluded from society and from our worshipping communities? Prayer starter: Lord, you sent your own son to gather unto you all those whom we have marginalized or even rejected. Help us to overcome all our prejudices and to eradicate any form of discrimination among us.
  • 8/20 – 2 Chronicles 28:1-27 – Would I be willing to act as a compassionate neighbor to someone in need, even if a rival, or an enemy? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, help us to recognize you in the least of our brothers and sisters who come to us with material or spiritual needs, and to welcome them as we would welcome you.
  • 8/21 – 2 Chronicles 29:1-36 – How can we receive the spirit of freshness in our liturgies? Prayer starter: Lord, never let us be locked up in passivity when it comes to worship. May we always celebrate you with due fervor and with joyful hearts.

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 19

  • 8/8 – 1 Chronicles 29:1-30 – Other than material good, what is the spiritual legacy I would like to leave to my dear ones? Prayer starter: Blessed are you, for the life and death of David and for the rich and enduring tradition of music and psalms he has initiated and inspired.
  • 8/9 – 2 Chronicles 1:1-17 – How do I value human qualities of wisdom and understanding? Prayer starter: Give us, O Lord, the wisdom we need to fulfill our day-to-day responsibilities and to find enjoyment in every aspect of our lives.
  • 8/10 – 2 Chronicles 2-4 and 2 Chronicles 5:1 – How can I offer God a proper dwelling place in my life? Prayer starter: Lord of heaven and earth, let our eyes and our hearts be touched by the beauty of places dedicated to your name, and let us never forget that your true sanctuary is the heart of every human being.
  • 8/11 – 2 Chronicles 5-6 and 2 Chronicles 7:1-10 – How can we make of our churches a place where the glory of God is fittingly proclaimed? Prayer starter: Every time we come to praise you, O God, in a building dedicated to your glory, let our hearts be open to the
    needs and the cries of the poor.
  • 8/12 – Romans 8:1-17 – When I come to the house of God, what do I expect most: comfort, challenge, quiet, healing, or conversion? Prayer starter: We thank you Lord for listening and for attending at all times to our needs and our prayers.
  • 8/13 – 2 Chronicles 9:1-12 – Do I show real and sincere interest in genuine wisdom from whatever horizon or culture? Prayer starter: Lord, open our hearts to your wisdom revealed in Scripture and that you have given through sages from all ages, horizons, and cultures.
  • 8/14 – 2 Chronicles 9:13-21 – What do I learn about the value of my own life in hearing the judgement of the Chronicler on Solomon? Prayer starter: Lord you are the one that called every one of us to life. Help us to appreciate this gift of yours and to live up to your expectations of us.

A special celebration, this September

Sunday, September 19th will mark a special celebration in our parish family…

This year our parish family will get stronger — Stronger by the presence of the Holy Spirit being strengthened in five of our young people.

As we all (those old enough, of course) have the power of the Spirit within our lives through our Confirmation, so shall it be true for this class.

We will welcome our Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Anthony Mikovsky, making his second visit to our parish within his short tenure as Ordinary. In so doing, we also need to plan for the days’ response. The parishes of our Seniorate have been invited to participate, gracing us with their presence and prayer.

Please keep this afternoon open and partake of the grace, ecclesiology, and witness we will have to share.

Of holy memory

Our Lord has saw fit to call two of our sisters home to Himself. Please offer your prayers for the repose of the souls of ś.p. Marlyn Martiniano and ś.p. Mary Ruchalski as well as for their loved ones.

Eternal rest grant onto them O Lord, and may the perpetual light shine upon them.
May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

Bible Study for Ordinary Week 18

  • 8/1 – 1 Chronicles 11:1-47 and 1 Chronicles 12:1-41 – Have I been able to recognize God’s will in the consensus of a community? Prayer starter: Lord, help us experience your presence and discern your will through the aspirations of our communities.
  • 8/2 – 1 Chronicles 13:1-14 – Do we, as a believing community, show enough enthusiasm in celebrating our God? Prayer starter: Lord, you are highly to be praised. Let our lives be a joyful tribute to the many gifts we receive from you.
  • 8/3 – 1 Chronicles 15:1-29 and 1 Chronicles 16:1-43 – Are we a people of praise? How can we improve the cheerful character of our gathering as a community? Prayer starter: Let our lives play the music you have written for us, O Lord.
  • 8/4 – 1 Chronicles 17:1-27 – What are my favorite places and moments to connect to God’s presence? Prayer starter: Help us, O Lord, to find and enjoy your presence everywhere, at all times, and in everyone we meet.
  • 8/5 – 1 Chronicles 21:1-30 – Have there been occasions in my life when it was hard to discern what was genuinely inspired by God? Prayer starter: Lord of mercy, help us to discern between good and evil and to always choose what is right in your eyes.
  • 8/6 – 1 Chronicles 22:1-19 – Do I consider the house of God to be a shrine of peace and a meeting place for peacemakers? Prayer starter: Lord, every time we come to worship you, help us remember that your ways have nothing to do with blood and violence and are ways of peace, justice and mercy.
  • 8/7 – 1 Chronicles 28:1-21 – How can we set and transmit our values and ideals to the next generation? Prayer starter: We thank you Lord for calling us to keep journeying toward the Promised Land of your Kingdom.