The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light…

We know by faith that God is from eternity and for eternity. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit live in unity, peace, and complete mutual love and giving. They have always been and will always be together. They have it all – absolute truth, perfection, and justice. They have what we might consider, abundant life. They have abundance that is abundant!

I like to imagine the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit having a Board meeting in heaven, a sort of Parish Committee meeting. They were sitting around their table of abundance and were working out a plan. How can We possible share all this abundance with humanity? In Their perfect and abundant love They never brought up the fact that humanity had largely rejected Them, or that the the chosen people continued to walk in darkness after all They had done for Them. They focused on one thing – sharing Their abundance with humanity – not counting sins, but giving love. They worked out their plan. The Son would divest Himself of the abundance of heaven, its beauty and perfection, and would take up humanity. He would empty Himself of everything, even His life, so He could put it all in a big basket and hand it to us.

Nine months ago an angel appeared to Mary. He asked a question and she said yes. The Son was immediately sent to carry out Their plan. He was sent, as He would later say: so that we may have life and have it abundantly.

This night He lies in a manger. We must look beyond our symbolic mangers in church and at home to the manger of our hearts. His beautiful face is cradled in our hearts. His love is within each of us. His abundance fills us. He offers Himself to us – truly abundant life – over and over.

Certainly, life is not always easy nor does it seem abundant if we look at it with worldly eyes. Difficulties, struggles, and even suffering come. Yes, Jesus Christ’s abundance is greater and overcomes every obstacle because as His anointed and commissioned followers we fully share in His abundance. He has given us abundance without bounds or end.

On this day we have a chance. It is a great chance, an opportunity, a moment. Let us agree together to accept His abundance once again, to re-connect to it. Let us say: I desire only His abundance. I accept His promise and gift of abundant life.

I was remarking while watching TV a few days before Christmas that we are going to be seeing Valentine’s Day commercials starting the day after Christmas. Within a few seconds a Valentine’s Day commercial came on. Here too is an opportunity and a blessing. Remember that the theme of Valentine’s day is love. Today marks the start or re-start of our acceptance of abundant life in Jesus, the great gift of love shared with us as planned by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They gave us everything. Over the next fifty-one days between Christmas and Valentine’s Day let us give thanks and more closely recognize how blessed and loved we are. We have abundant life, love, healing and protection because on this night He emptied Himself so He could give it all to us. Thank you Lord for coming to give us abundant light, life, and love. Amen.