My dearest family in Christ,

On behalf of my family, I extend to you every blessing for this Easter and throughout the Easter season. May the resurrected Christ continue to reign in your heart and in your life as you follow Him and adhere to a faith both ancient and new.

We have a wonderful Lord and Master, a Savior who understands our needs. He is filled with love for us. In turn we, His people, reflect His love in all we do. It is a great blessing to have been called into the Lord’s service. He called me into His field, to do His work. I have been so greatly blessed because the portion of His field, here in Schenectady, is filled with people who so desire to work within His body, the Holy Church, in fellowship, as the family of faith doing good for each other and for all we encounter. You have blessed me greatly and I love you with all the joy of the resurrected Christ.

Życzenia radosnych Świąt Wielkanocnych pełnych wiary, nadziei i miłości, wypełnionych nadzieją budzącej się wiosny. Pogody w sercu i radości płynacej z faktu Zmartwychwstania Pańskiego, oraz smacznego świeconego w gronie najbliższych szczerze przesyla.

Deacon Jim, Renee, Stephanie, Adam, and Victoria

2 thoughts on “Easter Wishes

  1. The Easter service was very nice. The church looked beautiful, well maintained, bright and cheerful.
    The organist played well and the songs were nice. THe breakfast was also very good.

  2. Paul,

    Thank you. It was a beautiful day made extra special by our sharing the day together.

    Dcn. Jim

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