• 1/13 – Matthew 13:52 – Lord Jesus, through my baptism may I bring the knowledge of Your love, that is from of old, as well as the newness of hope found in You, to all I meet.
  • 1/14 – Mark 16:15 – Lord Jesus, through my baptism may I boldly proclaim Your word before the whole world.
  • 1/15 – Luke 24:47 – Lord Jesus, by baptism I have put on new life an have rejected sin. Grant that I may continually repent of the wrong I do, and forgive others as You forgive me. Grant also that others may find, through my example and teaching, the freedom You offer to all.
  • 1/16 – Acts 1:8 – Lord Jesus, I began my journey of faith in baptism and came to fullness of faith in accepting the Holy Spirit in confirmation. Grant me renewal and strength to witness to You before all.
  • 1/17 – Acts 2:38 – Lord Jesus, grant enlightenment and courage to many so that they may die with You in baptism so to be raised with You in glory.
  • 1/18 – 1 Corinthians 1:13 – Lord Jesus, there is one baptism, one faith. Call me to witness to You along with all Christians and renew our unity.
  • 1/19 – Romans 6:3 – Lord Jesus, help me to remember the new and eternal life I have been granted through Your death and resurrection. Grant that I may treasure my baptism into You more than any possession or worldly desire.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, grant that I may live my baptismal commitment by my life in Your community of faith and by my every action.