• 12/2 – Proverbs 13:12 – Lord Jesus, You are my hopes fulfilled. Grant that all may find life and fulfillment in You.
  • 12/3 – Acts 13:32-33 – Lord Jesus, in Your coming as man You fulfilled all of the Father’s promises made through the prophets. Grant that I may not seek new prophets or revelations, but rely solely on the completeness of Your word.
  • 12/4 – Romans 8:24-25 – Lord Jesus, Your kingdom is, and is not yet. Grant that I may await in joy the fulfillment of my hopes.
  • 12/5 – Romans 15:13 – Lord Jesus, grant me the joy, peace, and fulfillment that comes from hoping in You. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.
  • 12/6 – Psalm 33:18 – Father, I know that You are ever watchful over Your children. Grant that I may always recognize Your care for me.
  • 12/7 – Psalm 31:24 – Father, provide me with the gifts of strength and courage so that I may live the Gospel of Your Son Jesus.
  • 12/8 – 1 Timothy 4:10 – Lord Jesus, grant that I may strive, toil, and work for Your kingdom; living up to the hope provided to me out of Your Divine love.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, grant that I may look forward in hope for the fulfillment of Your promises.