You confuse me!
I know, but it’s not that tough.

“Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves.”

Do we find it confusing to do God’s will, or is it easy? Unfortunately, there is not one easy answer. It comes down to our personality, learning, spirit, and skills.

I was reading a story, and it mentioned a character whose personality was completely charitable. He couldn’t be anything other than charitable. His faith life dictated his actions. He would go out of his way to do extraordinary things, just to help, to be there. It could be a ride, a shoulder, helping hands, or a kind and supportive world. He did God’s will through the way he helped in an outward and demonstrable way.

For others that type of direct action might be more difficult. They may provide support through donations of food and treasure. They may respond through prayer for peoples’ intentions.

It is important that none of us rate the works of others. What they do, and how they do it, is part of the way they carry out God’s will. Their lives follow a particular path founded upon the way God’s message resonates within them.

There are so many misconceptions among Christians in relation to what God wants us to do. Some think that becoming a Christian is enough. You are going to heaven and all problems are automatically solved. Some will tell you that God will tell us what He wants though some amazing miraculous vision or voice – and not only that – He will give us step by step directions. Others will say that faith is just a force, a vehicle for us to get what we want and need at the moment. Faith and God is just a tool we can use. It is no longer God’s desire for us, but God acting on our desires.

St. Paul laid out the answer to living in accord with what God wants from us. We are to believe in God, internalize His word, and take action. Listen to His word and take action.

If we just listen, its like water rolling off a rock. The outside might get wet, but nothing happens inside. We cannot be like rocks. The word has to penetrate us and change us. Then, as changed people we carry out the direction of God’s word in a particular way.

That is Jesus’ message. It is not how we look, what we eat, any outward measure, but how much we absorb and are changed by God’s will. Will we accept His will and be changed, or will we remain just a wet rock? Jesus makes it easy, listen – makes God’s will our center – then act on it.