The Confession of Faith of the P.N.C.C.
(accepted at the Second Synod ofthe Church in 1907 and confirmed at every Synod hence)

I believe in one God, the Father, the cause of all
existence, Eternal truth, Love and Justice.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior and
Spiritual Regenerator of the world, who was the
Emissary of God, of one substance with Him; and as
to humanity born of the humble woman Mary.

I believe that this Nazarene Master through His
Divine Life, Work, Teaching and Sacrificial Death,
became the glowing ember of a new life of
humankind, taking its beginning and deriving its
strength and fullness in knowing God, loving Him
and fulfilling His Holy Will.

I believe that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God
rules the universe, that from the Holy Spirit flows
grace, which brings it to pass that, when one
cooperates with it in life, eternal joy in God shall be

I believe in the Holy Church of Christ,
Apostolic and Universal.
I believe that this Church is the
true teacher, both of the individual and humankind,
that it is a steward of Divine graces and a light in our
temporal pilgrimage to God and salvation.

I believe in the necessity of hearing the Word
of God and the receiving of the Holy Sacraments.

I believe that all people, as children of God are
equal in themselves. I believe that all people have
equal rights to existence, but also sacred
obligations toward God, themselves, their nation,
and all of human society.

I believe in the ultimate justice of God, life
beyond the grave, immortality and eternal bliss in
union with God of all people, generations and times.