Sincere thanks and deep appreciation are extended to the parish family concerning the collection of items during the Advent season. The economic recession had not diminished your giving:

  • Seventy-two (72!!!) (2.5x the amount of last year) bags of food were donated and collected. These were taken to the Schenectady Inner-City Ministry.
  • Twenty pairs of mittens, gloves, and hats (mostly child size) were collected. These were taken to the Northeast Parent and Child Association.
  • Two (2!!!) blankets and two toys were collected. These were also taken to the Northeast Parent and Child Association.

There are many needy families in our area that are being blessed this holyday season. And think of those who are enjoying the shoeboxes you prepared For “Operation Christmas Child.”

May God bless you for your kind concern and gracious generosity!!!

With sincere and heartfelt recognition of offerings and God-given talent. . .

  • to all those who had stayed to prepare the parish church for the Nativity holydays and to those preparing the hall for the “coÅ› do chleba” and to Marilyn for providing the food with David and Rose Petrosky (Deborah’s parents) for providing the kielbasa for the after mass repast;
  • to our choir director/organist, Liz, for her work in preparing for the Nativity liturgies; for all the voices aiding our prayers to praise God’s gift, Jesus;
  • to the acolytes for their service in God’s House;
  • to Deb Bilinski, Kim DonVito and our SOCL students providing the Christmas keepsake we have traditionally come to treasure;
  • to all who have gathered to worship and praise the Father for sending to us His most precious Gift, Jesus Christ our Lord.