Wesołych Świąt, Bożego Narodzenia!
Happiness on the Feast of Christ’s Birth!

As the Church celebrates this Feast and the miracle of the Father’s Great Gift to us, His Son, Jesus Christ, I pray that all of us might share in the manifold blessings of our Almighty God, and come to a full realization of His love for us through this Gift. May the life-giving effects of the Holy Incarnation be upon us all.

As we celebrate this great event in our history, let us renew our efforts to aid one another in their needs and challenges. We have much work to do in allowing our Emmanuel to become fully known on this earth; that true discipleship (bringing others to know the Lord) must be the goal of all our work.

Can you imagine how the Christmas story would have lasted over these 20+ centuries if the shepherds had returned to their flocks, yawning, sleepy, uttering phrases like, “Hey, nice light show,” or “Those angels were really bright!” or “Where did I leave my pillow?” What would have been the lasting glory of a report like that? Where would have been the joy? Where would have been the blessing of everlasting peace?

Because of the Bethlehem miracle, we have the glory; we have the joy; we have the blessing of everlasting peace; but it’s going to be left in a field, if we don’t go out and angelically proclaim!

Let this anniversary of the coming of the Messiah fill you with His joy and peace. And throughout the New Year, I pray God keep you healthy, and may He be ever-present in your lives. May we see our communal work be for the Glory of the Lord. And, as we are united in prayer this Holy Season, may we, our families, and our friends be blessed, strengthened, loved, and united in the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.

Share that Good News and see Peace on Earth once again!

Father Stan