The Congregation of the
Holy Name of Jesus
National Catholic Church
welcomes and thanks all present for this glorious
invoking the Holy Spirit
especially upon our newly confirmed,
upon all of us.

On behalf of the Parish Committee and the Congregation of the Holy Name of Jesus National Catholic church, I, as administrator, would like to welcome our diocesan shepherd, His Excellency, the Rt. Rev. Anthony Mikovsky, to our parish. We welcome our gracious neighbor, the Rev. Fr. Carl Urban. And we also welcome the fine dedicated clergy of our Mohawk Valley Seniorate, and for any and all of their parishioners they have encouraged to share our worship this afternoon.

It is indeed an honor to have the bishop confirm our newest soldiers for Jesus, and through which action, has ensured a continual blessing on our parish from our gracious God. The results of God’s abundant grace and our participation with it have allowed our humble parish to be made more holy through this ministry.

May this day be for all of us here gathered a true day of renewal, of the Pentecost experience, and for a day of sharing and fellowship, celebration and thanksgiving, one with another.

May I gratefully affirm all those who had assisted in the many varied tasks in allowing this day to be glorious.

As we look to the future, filled with hope by the grace of God, the inclusion of these new adults in the faith, and the fellowship of us all, may we give hearty thanks for all of God’s blessings, given and yet to be given.

— Fr. Stan