Welcome Loryn DonVito, Seth Garrison, Victoria Konicki, and Nylyse Rios into our Eucharistic family.


We gave a warm and joyful welcome to all the families and friends of our First Communion Class who came to join in this festive day. We acknowledged the many miles that have been traveled to our humble parish for all of those who joined in this celebration. We also affirmed your place in the hearts of our young people, as they knew you were present to celebrate this special day with them.

We continued in our fellowship as we assembled in the parish hall following the Mass to partake of some refreshment.

We, as a parish family, also celebrated this day, for we received into our Eucharistic family four of our younger sisters and brother who witnessed with us to the faith of Jesus as we approached the Sacrament of the Altar together.

Please know that you have the love and appreciation of the faith community here at Holy Name.