• 11/22 – Exodus 24 – How do I reaffirm and live the covenant that God has established with me? Prayer starter: Committed God, you invite me to live a life committed to you. Help me to keep this commitment with you.
  • 11/23 – Exodus 25-26 – What dwelling places have you built for God both within and outside of you? Prayer starter: God of my ancestors, thank you for dwelling with your people and for giving us the means to feel your presence and worship you. Teach me to recognize how you dwell in me.
  • 11/24 – Exodus 27-28 – How is God dwelling in you? Prayer starter: Compassionate and caring God, may my worship deepen my love for you and lead me to a deeper experience of you. May the tangible objects with which I worship you reveal your presence.
  • 11/25 – Exodus 29:1-9, Exodus 30-31 – Do I begin and close my day by making an offering to God? Prayer starter: Ever-present God, receive my prayers works, joys, and sufferings. May my life be an acceptable sacrifice to you.
  • 11/26 – Exodus 32 – In what areas of my life do I stand in need of God’s forgiveness? Do I seek it? Prayer starter: Compassionate God, forgive me for my failures and sins. Help me to continue to forgive and to be reconciled with you and all who are part of my life.
  • 11/27- Exodus 33 – How do you seek to see the face of God in your life and in the world? Prayer starter: Gracious and compassionate God, forgive me for being stiff-necked. Help me to remain faithful to you and to avoid the idols of the world.
  • 11/28 – Exodus 34 – How have I experienced God’s mercy, kindness, and forgiveness toward me? Prayer starter: Have mercy on me faithful, forgiving, and just God. I entrust myself to you and ask that you give me the grace to return to you and repair my relationshio with you.

The month of November takes us into the study of how God saves and sets us free.