• 9/27 – Luke 23:33-43 – How easily do I forgive? Is it truly free? Prayer starter: O God, I take such great comfort in the story of the good thief. Help me to always trust in your mercy and forgiveness.
  • 9/28 – Matthew 5:1-12 – Which of the beatitudes strikes my heart today? Prayer starter: O Lord, today I beg your mercy for this war-torn world. Healing for… (your own list). Comfort for… (your own list).
  • 9/29 – Matthew 25:31-46 – Who am I before Christ today? Prayer starter: O God, I know you are a God of second chances. Today I accept another chance to live as you want me to live – loving and caring for others.
  • 9/30 – John 20:19-23 – When have I felt the freedom and the joy of giving or receiving forgiveness? Prayer starter: Gracious God, come and fill me once again with your peace and your joy. I am struggling to forgive….. Bless those people. Heal me.
  • 10/1 – Matthew 18:21-25 – This gospel portrays God as a merciful and forgiving king. How does this compare with my image of God? Prayer starter: O God, you have been so merciful, let me count the ways….. Teach me your compassion.
  • 10/2 – Matthew 20:1-16 – In what ways do I work for justice for all? Prayer starter: O God, I am so aware of all the poverty it’s overwhelming. Help me to see a way that I can help, and then given me the courage and generosity to do it.
  • 10/ 3 – John 13:31-35 – What discoveries have led me more deeply into the love of God? Prayer starter: O God, I am just a beginning in the ways of love. Teach me your way, guide my hands, and point my feet in the right direction.

The month of September will have us studying the message of the Scripture concerning God’s mercy and forgiveness. May they be ours!