• 9/13 – Mark 2:1-12 – When have I accompanied someone on life’s journey and found myself giddy with joy? Prayer starter: My God, you have placed so many different people in my life. Teach me ways to be supportive and to share the joy.
  • 9/14 – Luke 6:27-36 – Who would I exclude from the mercy of God? Prayer starter: O God, help me to participate in your divine mercy. Give me the grace to forgive ___________ Teach me compassion for ___________
  • 9/15 – Luke 7:36-50 – Who am I likely to judge only silently in my heart? Prayer starter: Come Holy Spirit, and open my heart to the ways of love.
  • 9/16 – Luke 10:25-37 – Do I consider some people as “outside the law” and therefore, outside my duty as a Christian? Prayer starter: O God, I too can recite the law. In childhood I learned the golden rule. Teach me today your mercy and give me a compassionate heart.
  • 9/17 – Luke 15:1-3,11-32 – When have I been the younger son; when have I been the older son? Prayer starter: My God, I’ve been working hard, but I want to end the day rejoicing because ______________
  • 9/18 – Luke 16:19-31 – When has my heart been moved with compassion for the needy? Prayer starter: O God, sometimes it is not blindness but just plain laziness. Teach me your ways. Help me to establish some discipline in my life.
  • 9/19 – Luke 18:9-14 – When have I been the Pharisee, when the tax collector? Prayer starter: O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.

The month of September will have us studying the message of the Scripture concerning God’s mercy and forgiveness. May they be ours!