Bible Study for Ordinary Week 33

  • 11/14 – Psalm 132 – How is God present to me? in other people? in church? at prayer? Where else? Prayer starter: God, you chose to be present with us in so many ways. Your son Jesus came to show us how to find you.
  • 11/15 – Psalm 133-134 – Have you ever gone on a pilgrimage or a group trip? How did people treat one another? Did you have the blessing of unity? Prayer starter: God of all our journeys, help us remember that we travel to you together. Bless us with the precious gift of unity.
  • 11/16 – Psalm 135-136 – What events from your own life would you choose for a litany on God’s love? Can you see God’s love even in events that were painful at the time? Prayer starter: Loving God, may you be forever blessed for your goodness to me and to those I love. I find your love all the days of my life.
  • 11/17 – Psalm 137 – Have I ever experienced such bitter grief? Am I Willing to turn my desire for vengeance over to God rather than exercising it myself? Prayer starter: God of mercy, have compassion on those who suffer from war or genocide. Have mercy also on their persecutors and soften their hearts.
  • 11/18 – Psalm 138 – Where do I see God’s actions in my life? in the world? When is my heart filled with thanksgiving? Prayer starter: Faithful God, thank you for all your gifts to me — life, love, family, food, health, and much more. Thank you for your gifts to the world – beauty, fertility, richness…
  • 11/19 – Psalm 139 – Have I ever considered how wonderfully made I am? Do I find God’s loving fingerprints on my being? Am I Willing to rejoice that God knows everything about me? Prayer starter: Wise and loving God, I thank you for the wonder of my being. I surrender my whole life to your loving care.
  • 11/20 – Psalm 140-141 – How do I use the gift of speech? What do my words reveal about me? Prayer starter: God, my refuge and strength, purify my heart that my words may be kind. Heal those whom my words have hurt.

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