A word about the special mass scheduled for this Friday evening –

In years past, we had placed our parish concerns before the Lord within the prayers of Holy Mass. Since each Sunday Mass is specifically celebrated for the congregation, this intention is more focused.

We are facing once again some uncertainty is our near future: financially, organizationally, and ministerially. In years past, we have presented these concerns before the Lord, especially those of our financial needs, and He has been faithful. The despair and uncertainty were erased and we were able to carry on in His overwhelming grace.

Facing these uncertain times for our parish, as well as many other concerns as a nation and world, it is time, once again, to kneel before the Lord as a parish family to make these petitions. As The Lord has been faithful in those other times we have placed our concerns before Him, there is no reason to expect Him not to heed our pleas, and He will show us what lies ahead. If there are changes to be made, we must be courageous enough to accept them and apply them.

In whatever resolution to our payers that will come from our communal time together, we must truly believe that it is His Will for us.

Let us gather this coming Friday evening, November 12th and place ourselves within the presence and mercy of our gracious Lord. Holy Mass is scheduled for 6:30 pm.