Bible Study for Holy Week

  • 3/28 – Acts 1:1-14 – How often do I look for God outside the challenges of my daily life rather than at the heart of them? Prayer starter: Holy One, help me to realize that you are present right here, right now. Help me to realize it in my very bones. I do not want to miss meeting you.
  • 3/29 – Acts 1:15-26 – Where am I at with regard to being out-of-control? How do I deal with things over which I can have no control? Prayer starter: Inexhaustible Mystery, help me to be gracious about humanity to grasp this fact: Human existence is a gift. Its ultimate possibilities – and limitations – are not our doing.
  • 3/30 – Acts 2:1-13 – Am I sensitive to the needs of the other person when speaking about faith matters? Prayer starter: Holy One, sensitize me to the hopes and fears of each person I meet. Enable me to speak life-giving words when I open my mouth to speak.
  • 3/31 – Acts 2:14-41 – What shall I do? What’ve I done? Prayer starter: Ineffable Mystery, my Father and my Mother, I tremble to think that I have staked my whole life on the ancient testimony of other human beings. Help me to understand more deeply this plan of yours that we must mediate you to each other.
  • 4/1 – Acts 2:42-47; Acts 4:32-37 & Acts 5:12-16 – How does my Christian community and my own participation compare with the Lukan description? Prayer starter: Holy One in Three, teach us all, our whole person, how to live in mutual care and respect for one another.
  • 4/2 – Acts 3:1-26 – How real is the risen Jesus for me? Am I able to trust what I cannot see or otherwise “sense”? Prayer starter: Invisible Present One, it is so easy to focus on what I can see and hear. Help me to be mindful of you, of what is out of reach of my senses.
  • 4/3 – Acts 4:1-31 – Where am I most often in this scenario? Am I the authority figure? Am I the subordinate? And how do I feel toward the other? Prayer starter: Holy One, I know there is a place for the exercise of authority in human life. When the task falls to me, to exercise or submit to it, help me to be gracious and honest in my dealings with others.

Holy Week at Holy Name Parish

Holy Tuesday

At 10am, the Clergy Conference of the Central Diocese will meet for its spring meeting. Following the close of the meeting, our diocesan ordinary and all the diocesan clergy will celebrate the Holy Mass of Chrism at St. Stainslaus Bishop & Martyr Cathedral in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The holy oils that are used throughout the year in our parish are blessed and consecrated by the bishop during this liturgy.

Holy Wednesday

– Fast and Abstinence

Maundy Thursday

– Fast and Abstinence

At 7 pm, Institution of the Eucharist celebrated with Holy Mass, Communion, and the Procession with the Blessed Sacrament to the Repository, and the stripping of the Main Altar. The Church will remain open following Mass for meditation.

O 1900 wiecz. Msza święta, Komunia; Procesja z Naj. Sakramentem do bocznego ołtarza Ciemnicy i obnażenie głownego ołtarza. Kościól będzie otwarty aby Iudzie mogli modlić i Adorować.

Traditionally, historically and liturgically, this night begins the Paschal Triduum (three days). It was on this night that our Lord Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist, which we all share whenever we come to Mass. Following the Mass on this night, the Blessed Sacrament will be taken to a place of Repose until Easter Sunday. The faithful should consider the liturgies of the next two days as a continuation of this night’s, hence, the Triduum.

This is an important liturgy for all of us who revere and worship Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for it was on this night that Jesus gave us the Sacrament of the Altar, of which some are preparing to receive for the first time. Students should endeavor to attend all of the Holy Week services.

Good Friday

– Fast and Abstinence

Noon – The Parish Church will be opened.
1 pm – Stations of the Cross
2 pm – Bitter Lamentations, parts 1-3
3 pm – Opening of the Grave
7 pm – Mass of the Pre-Sanctified

1200 po pod., Kościól będzie otwierać.
1300 po pod., Droga Krzyżowa
1400 po pod., Gorzkie Żale, czesci 1-3
1500 po pod., Otwarcie grobu Pańskiego;
1900 we wiecz., Obrządek Piatkowej Mszy i Adorować Krzyża;


The second day of the Triduum, the day our Lord died, begins with the time our Lord was nailed to the cross, re-tells the story, and ends with the symbolic opening of the tomb. The “pre-sanctified” liturgy is so described for no consecrations of bread and wine can take place on this day. A host consecrated the night before is used at this liturgy. The third will be placed in the Monstrance and carried in procession Easter Sunday morning. The evening service will be recited, and contains an ancient Lenten devotion, once more re-telling the events of the day.

Holy Saturday

– Fast and Abstinence

4 pm, Liturgy of Holy Saturday. Blessing of New Fire, also Paschal Candle and Baptismal Water. Easter foods will be blessed concluding the liturgy; and in homes by appointment.

1600 po pod, Liturgia Wielkiej Soboty; poświecenie ognia, świecy Paschalnej, wody chrzcielnej z świeconej.
Święcenie pokarmów Wielkanocnych będzie w kościele; aby ksiądz przybył do domu, to prosze zatelefonować do domu księdza.

The third and last day of the Paschal Triduum contains many historic blessings. The Church, at one time during each year, blesses all of the items she uses during the year; hence, the fire, baptismal water, holy water, and the Paschal Candle are all prepared during this liturgy. The traditional blessing of Easter food will be offered to any and all who desire. The traditional foods for the Eastern Europeans are meats, eggs, bread, and any other foods that will be eaten on the day of Resurrection. However, whatever foods any of our families will be sharing on Easter day can also be blessed for our use in this special ceremony. Please try to keep the tradition handed to us, or begin an old new family tradition in your homes this Eastertide. You may bring your basket to church on Holy Saturday or please call Father Stan to make a visit to your home for this blessing. The Parish Church will be dressed for the Easter holyday following the close of this liturgy.

Resurrection Sunday/Niedziela Wielkanoc

8 am – Resurrection Procession and Resurrection Mass of Easter Day.
0800 w rano, uroczysta Suma Wielkanocna.

10:30 am – Solemn Mass of Easter Day
1030 w rano – Msza Niedziela Wielkanocna

(Following each liturgy, there shall be a festive repast. Please plan to join the celebration!!!)

Two Mass times are offered this Easter. The 8am will have the Resurrection Procession and Mass of Resurrection celebrated. The 10:30am Mass will be a solemn celebration for Easter Sunday. Please make sure you attend and celebrate the Lord’s victory together with your family.

Bible Study for Passion Week

  • 3/21 – John 4 – When have I heard the truth about myself and loved to tell about it? Prayer starter: Let all who are thirsty come to the water the prophet Isaiah says. Lord, you know the deep thirst in our hearts and you alone have the living water to quench it.
  • 3/22 – John 11:1-44 – How does my faith stand up in the hours of challenge and suffering? Prayer starter: Almighty God we believe that your son Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Strengthen our faith when we face the limits of our mortality.
  • 3/23 – Luke 10:38-42 and John 12:1-8 – What ways have I found to practice the role of service? Prayer starter: You call your servants, Lord, to listen and to act, each in the proper season. Make us attentive listeners and extravagant actors in loving service to others.
  • 3/24 – Luke 8:2 and John 20:1-18 – What does the cross mean to me? Prayer starter: God of day and God of darkness, you do not abandon us in the hour of greatest need. We know you believe in us, even when we do not believe in ourselves.
  • 3/25 – Acts 16:11-15,40 – How do I challenge, or support, the walls of social division? Prayer starter: Most Holy Trinity, you desire the world to be one in your own likeness or ultimate unity. But we have conspired through the centuries to build worlds within worlds.
  • 3/26 – Acts 18:1-4,18-28 and Romans 16:3 and 1 Corinthians 16:19 and 2 Timothy 4:19 – What’s more important to me: living the gospel or not rocking the boat? Prayer starter: Saving God, you rocked the boat of history when you sent your son into it as Word-made-flesh. Still we feel the waves lapping perilously against the shores of our generation.
  • 3/27 – Romans 16:1-2 – How do I discern whether a person is a troublemaker or a prophet? Prayer starter: King of kings and Lord of Lords, all power and authority is yours on earth and as it is in heaven. Guide your Church on the way of truth and life.

Bible Study for the Fourth Week of Lent

  • 3/14 – Judith 1-16 – What role does contemplation play in my relationship with God? Prayer starter: God of mystery, you are so much bigger than all of our imaginings of you. Challenge us to liberate you from our humble ideas of you so that you can be all in all.
  • 3/15 – Esther 4,5,7 – Which key episodes of my life helped me to understand who I am? Prayer starter: Lord of history, you are the true shepherd of every generation. Bring us to an awareness of the worlds possibilities so that we might take responsibility for shaping it.
  • 3/16 – Luke 1:26-38 and Luke 2 and Luke 11:27-28 and Acts 1:14 – How do I practice the surrender of my own will to God’s will? Prayer starter: Show we want to do your will above all else, Lord, God! And how we cling to our own desires just the same.
  • 3/17 – Luke 1:1-25 and Luke 2:29-56 – Do I have faith in the fulfillment of what God promises to those who believe? Prayer starter: You are known throughout history as the God who saves. Give us the grace to bear witness to this wonderful news in every word and decision.
  • 3/18 – Luke 8:1-3 – How do I use my resources in the service of God? Prayer starter: We profess our faith and we pledge our obedience to your will. But, O Lord, help us to surrender our purses because our money too easily becomes our master.
  • 3/19 – Mark 5:21-43 – Who are today’s untouchables, and how do I include them in the circle of life? Prayer starter: Lord God, in your coming reign there is no male or female, no slave or free, no insider or outsider. Bolster our hearts to abandon the way of exclusion now.
  • 3/20 – Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28 – How far am I willing to do for a cause I believe in? Prayer starter: Holy God, you allowed your son to be humiliated and hung on a cross. May we never allow personal pride to prevent us from seeking the good with passionate conviction.

Solemnity of the Institution of the P.N.C.C.

The Confession of Faith of the P.N.C.C. (accepted at the Second Synod of the Church in 1907 and confirmed at every Synod hence)

I believe in one God, the Father, the cause of all existence, Eternal truth, Love and Justice.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior and Spiritual Regenerator of the world, who was the Emissary of God, of one substance with Him; and as to humanity born of the humble woman Mary.

I believe that this Nazarene Master through His Divine Life, Work, Teaching and Sacrificial Death, became the glowing ember of a new life of humankind, taking its beginning and deriving its strength and fullness in knowing God, loving Him and fulfilling His Holy Will.

I believe that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God rules the universe, that from the Holy Spirit flows grace, which brings it to pass that, when one cooperates with it in life, eternal joy in God shall be attained.

I believe in the Holy Church of Christ, Apostolic and Universal. I believe that this Church is the true teacher, both of the individual and humankind, that it is a steward of Divine graces and a light in our temporal pilgrimage to God and salvation.

I believe in the necessity of hearing the Word of God and the receiving of the Holy Sacraments.

I believe that all people, as children of God are equal in themselves. I believe that all people have equal rights to existence, but also sacred obligations toward God, themselves, their nation, and all of human society.

l believe in the ultimate justice of God, life beyond the grave, immortality and eternal bliss in union with God of all people, generations and times. Amen.

Baranek/Butter Lambs for Easter

Share a taste of the season with a Baranek/Butter Lamb offered by our youth. The Youth Group of Holy Name of Jesus Parish is asking for a donation of $3 for each lamb ordered. Orders will be filled on Palm Sunday, March 28th.

To order, please print out the order form and mail it to the Parish, 1040 Pearl St., Schenectady, NY 12303 or call 518-372-1992.

Our youth thanks you for your support!

Bible Study for the Third Week of Lent

  • 3/7 – Ruth 1:1-18 – When have I done something for love that l would not do for any other reason? Prayer starter: Faithful God, you remain with your people on the long journey through history. Without any guarantees from our side, you keep on loving this unpredictable world.
  • 3/8 – 1 Samuel 1 and 1 Samuel 2:1-11,18-21 – Who am l before God, apart from all my relationships? Prayer starter: Human beings are not made to be alone, as you, Lord, were the first to observe. Yet in ultimate ways we belong only to you, our true Father and Mother.
  • 3/9 – 1 Samuel 18:17-29 and 1 Samuel 19:1-17 – When have I experienced the division of my love and loyalty? Prayer starter: Sin the weakness of our heart, Lord; you know how easy it is for us to create false gods of those we love. You alone are worthy of worship and praise.
  • 3/10 – 1 Samuel 25 – How can l play the role of reconciler in my relationships? Prayer starter: Lord, you are the God of justice and peace. Bless us with the deep thirst for your justice, so that our world might know the peace that passes understanding.
  • 3/11 – 1 Samuel 28 – When have I witnessed the obvious goodness in “bad” people? Prayer starter: God of endless mercy, you do not look upon your children as good and bad for we are all sinners in need of your compassion. Stifle in us the spirit of judgement.
  • 3/12 – 2 Kings 4:8-37 and 2 Kings 8:1-6 – How does faith make everything ”all right” even when it isn’t? Prayer starter: Gracious God, in your abundance you desire to give us all that we need. Guide us to seek only the good things that will beneiit us and to trust in your will.
  • 3/13 – 2 Kings 5 – When has a child shown me a better way to see the world? Prayer starter: Your son Jesus taught his disciples to become like little children in order to inherit the kingdom. Liberate us to know the freedom of the children of God.