Bible Study for Passiontide

  • 3/29 – Judges 20 – How does the infighting between myself and those I love harm or ruin relationships? Prayer starter: Lord God, we your people have sinned by the way we treat each other. Help us to repent and make amends for all our wrong doings.
  • 3/30 – Judges 21 – Do I have any unhealthy images of God? Prayer starter: God, the keeper of promises, help me to be as faithful to my promises to you as you are to me. Help me to remember that you are kind and merciful.
  • 3/31 – Sirach 46:1-12 – How can I value more the inheritance I have received from my ancestors in faith? Prayer starter: God Almighty, your might is best shown in salvation and mercy. Help us to turn to you every time we find ourselves in times of distress.
  • 4/1 – Isaiah 6 – What truths are failing to gain a hearing in our present generation? Prayer starter: Holy God, the earth is full of your glory. Open our eyes to your truth, however, demanding it may be.
  • 4/2 – Isaiah 1 – Do I take right as seriously as “rite” in the practice of my faith? Prayer starter: God of justice and right, your will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us the wisdom to learn how to do good.
  • 4/3 – Isaiah 2 – Where is the sin of pride and arrogance most on display in our times? Prayer starter: Eternal and majestic God, it is your power and might alone before which the nations should bow. Teach us the virtue of humility so that we might become people of peace.
  • 4/4 – Isaiah 3-4 – How do I lead, and whom do I follow? Prayer starter: All power and authority on earth comes from you, O Lord. Raise up wise and discerning leaders for our nation and our times.

A huge thank you…

To all who so generously joined us at our Basket Social.
To all who prepared such beautiful baskets.
To all who donated door prizes.
To all who prepared the wonderful Polish food and the remarkable desserts that were served.
To all who worked, transported, and pitched in.

This beautiful event would not have been possible without your presence, charity, and involvement. May God bless you.

Bible Study for the Fourth Week of Lent

  • 3/22 – Judges 13 – Do I believe that God has set me apart for him from my conception? Prayer starter: God, you who are beyond all naming, help me to be awestruck in your presence. Deliver me from any attempt to capture you in any way.
  • 3/23 – Judges 14 – When have you felt God’s Spirit coming upon you? Prayer starter: O God, help me to realize that ultimately all my strength comes from you. Continue to strengthen my commitment to you.
  • 3/24 – Judges 15 – Have you ever used violence and retaliation as a means to get your way? Prayer starter: Peace-living God, help me to refrain from all forms of violence. Teach me how to love rather than retaliate.
  • 3/25 – Judges 16 – How has God renewed my strength in times of great distress? Prayer starter: God, you are the source of all strength. Strengthen me so as to better serve you and everyone around me.
  • 3/26 – Judges 17 – Have I built my own shrines and carved my own idols to replace the one true God? Prayer starter: Who is like you, God, who made me and all of creation? Help me to image you to others in all that I do.
  • 3/27 – Judges 18 – Are there times in my life when I really do get what I deserve? Prayer starter: God of justice, help me to be just toward others by observing your law rather than what seems best in my own eyes.
  • 3/28 – Judges 19 – What unhealthy behaviors in my own life do I need to examine? Prayer starter: Gracious God, may your arms of compassion be wrapped around all those who have been abused in any way. Help me to avoid abusing others or allowing myself to be abused.

2009 Lenten Season Devotional Schedule

  • Friday, March 20 – Stations of the Cross, 7 pm (this week, Deacon Jim will lead this devotion)
  • Friday, March 27 – Stations of the Cross, 7 pm
  • Saturday, March 28 – Youth Lenten Devotions, 10 am
  • Sunday, March 29 – Adult Easter Confession prior to Holy Mass
  • Friday, April 3 – Stations of the Cross, 7 pm
  • Sunday. April 5 – Palm Sunday, Blessing of Palms
  • Tuesday, April 7 – Chrism Mass, Scranton Cathedral
  • Thursday, April 9 – Maundy Thursday, Holy Mass, 7 pm
  • Friday, April 10 – Good Friday, Services at 12, 1, 2, 3, & 7 pm
  • Saturday, April 11- Holy Saturday, Service at 4 pm.

Great Lent – Wielki Post

This season of intimate reflection and time alone with the Lord comes each year in our faith walk. Within the forty days of this journey, the Church allows for communal prayer time. The “Stations of the Cross” will be celebrated on Fridays, at 7 pm, to allow those who wish to meditate and reflect upon the sacrifice of our Lord to do so, again with respect to personal schedules.

It is the tradition of the Church that Wednesdays and Fridays are days of fasting and abstinence.

May we choose to walk with Jesus these forty days, and may His sacrifice lead us to greater glory with Him.

Have a blessed and reflective Lent!

Bible Study for the Third Week of Lent

  • 3/15 – Judges 3 – Am I faithful to my promises to God and others even in bleak times? Prayer starter: Compassionate God, help me to avoid the unhealthy temptations that daily surround me. Give me the desire and strength to be faithful to you.
  • 3/16 – Judges 4,5 – Who are the women God has sent into my life to save me from my enemies? Prayer starter: O God, you work through people and events to provide for our needs. Let me see the work of your hands in everyone around me.
  • 3/17 – Judges 6 – What excuses do I use to avert what God is asking of me? Prayer starter: Lord, help me to believe and remember that you are always with us. May I never falter in this belief.
  • 3/18 – Judges 7,8 – Can one be proud of his or her success without being overly pride-filled? Prayer starter: O God, you who raised up the faithful judge Gideon, help me to be as faithful to you as he was. Like Gideon, help me destroy the idols I have made.
  • 3/19 – Judges 9,10 – How does pride in my own circles (myself, family, community) lead to harm? Prayer starter: Blessed are you, O Sovereign God ruler of the universe. Help me to work with you in establishing your kingdom on earth.
  • 3/20 – Judges 11 – In what life situations am I tempted to bargain with God? Prayer starter: God, help me to avoid all attempts to purchase or bargain for your favor. Help me to be a gracious receiver of all your gifts.
  • 3/21 – Judges 12 – Do my concerns supersede those of the common good of the community? Prayer starter: O God, may I seek unity with others by following your way. Give me a contrite and humble heart with which to pursue the common good.

Solemnity of the Institution of the Polish National Catholic Church

The Confession of Faith of the P.N.C.C.
(accepted at the Second Synod of the Church in 1907 and confirmed at every Synod hence)

I believe in one God, the Father, the cause of all existence, Eternal truth, Love and Justice.
I believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior and Spiritual Regenerator of the world, who was the Emissary of God, of one substance with Him; and as to humanity born of the humble woman Mary.
I believe that this Nazarene Master through His Divine Life, Work, Teaching and Sacrificial Death, became the glowing ember of a new life of humankind, taking its beginning and deriving its strength and fullness in knowing God, loving Him and fulfilling His Holy Will.
I believe that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God rules the universe, that from the Holy Spirit flows grace, which brings it to pass that, when one cooperates with it in life, eternal joy in God shall be attained.
I believe in the Holy Church of Christ, Apostolic and Universal. I believe that this Church is the true teacher, both of the individual and humankind, that it is a steward of Divine graces and a light in our temporal pilgrimage to God and salvation.
I believe in the necessity of hearing the Word of God and the receiving of the Holy Sacraments.
I believe that all people, as children of God are equal in themselves. I believe that all people have equal rights to existence, but also sacred obligations toward God, themselves, their nation, and all of human society.
I believe in the ultimate justice of God, life beyond the grave, immortality and eternal bliss in union with God of all people, generations and times.