Bible Study for Quinquagesima

  • 2/22 – Psalm 37 – Have I found blessedness and delight in my commitment to the Gospel of Christ? Prayer starter: Lord, I ask not for material wealth but for fulfillment and blessedness in keeping your ways.
  • 2/23 – Psalm 38 – When suffering strikes, do I still turn to God for relief and comfort? Prayer starter: Lord, we pray to you for all those who are over-burdened with suffering. Be their Comforter and their Healer that they may rejoice in your salvation and praise you.
  • 2/24 – Psalm 39 – How can I better appreciate and enjoy the giftedness of life? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you taught us not to worry about our life and about tomorrow. May we trust in your loving Father who knows and cares about all our needs.
  • 2/25 – Psalms 42Psalm 43 – Is prayer a place where I feel free to express my real feelings to God? Prayer starter: We long for you, O God of our life, and our hearts will never rest until we behold your face and contemplate your glory in heaven.
  • 2/26 – Psalm 45 – Do I think of my relationship of God in terms of love? Prayer starter: We bow to you, Lord, as to our King. We also stand up proudly because you not only made us royal descendants but, O loving Father, you call us your children.
  • 2/27 – Psalm 47 – How can music enhance my personal prayer? our community prayer? Prayer starter: God, King of the earth, we acclaim you with shouts of joy and we praise your holy name for the great things you have done in calling us to be your people.
  • 2/28 – Psalm 50 – Can we bear that God may challenge us when answering our prayers? Prayer starter: God, your word is a two-edged sword. Do not allow us to leave it idle and help us make the conversion you expect from us.

Basket Social — Sunday, March 29th

Holy Name’s 7th Annual Basket Social will take place on Sunday, March 29th at VFW Post 357, 1309 Fifth Avenue, Schenectady NY 12303 (map). Doors will open at noon. Raffle tickets will be available for more than 50 themed baskets. There are door prizes and Polish food will be available. Admission is $2. This wonderful fellowship event features variously themed “baskets” created by our parishioners. Attendees from far and wide are amazed at the creativity found in the various themes, finding everything from children’s baskets to a baseball, movie, or chocolate lovers’ paradise.

Once again, the Social features a Polish Kitchen headed up by Marianne Weglinski. Marianne highlights a wonderful cross-section of homemade Polish food.

Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the food and have a good time.

For more information call 518-587-0299.

Please mark your calendars and join us.

Whatsoever you do…

And the King will answer them, `Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’ (Matthew 25:40)

Thanks to your care and concern, we were able to report a $108 collection on “Souper Bowl” Sunday. ($36.00 of that was in change!) To date, over $3 million has been collected nationwide. Our donation went to the Capital Area Council of Churches. The CACC operates an emergency overflow shelter through the month of April.

Bible Study for Sexagesima

  • 2/15 – Psalm 27 – If I had one thing to ask of the Lord, what would it be? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you are the light of the world. Wherever people are walking in darkness and in fear, make the light and the peace of your Resurrection shine.
  • 2/16 – Psalm 29 – How can my contemplation of nature help me perceive better the glory of God? Prayer starter: Lord Almighty, open my eyes that I may see the glory of your creation and open my heart that I may hear your different voices.
  • 2/17 – Psalm 30 – What are my current beliefs in life after death? Prayer starter: We thank you, O Lord, for being a gracious God not only for a lifetime but also for eternity. We firmly believe that, one day, death will be no more and that there will be eternal rejoicing with you.
  • 2/18 – Psalm 32 – How can my confessions to God become confessions of faith in a forgiving God? Prayer starter: Lord, I thank you for the many times you have delivered me from guilt and restored gladness in my heart through your forgiveness.
  • 2/19 – Psalm 33 – Does the awareness of God’s presence overwhelm me or prompt me to hope? Prayer starter: Loving God, let me stand in awe of your infinite love and live out my life as a response of praise and gratitude for the wonders of creation.
  • 2/20 – Psalm 34 – Is my Christian identity truly rooted in the experience of God’s goodness? Prayer starter: God of all goodness and graciousness, we bless you at all times for your kindness and for the deliverance you bring to the poor.
  • 2/21 – Psalm 35 – How do I pray when justice has been denied to me or to someone I know? Prayer starter: Wake up, Lord, and do not allow the power of greed to thwart the hopes of the poor and the needy.

Bible Study for Septuagesima

  • 2/8 – Psalm 16 – How does my relationship with God contribute to my love for life? Prayer starter: Lord, your abiding presence lights up my life and fills me with wonder and joy.
  • 2/9 – Psalm 18 – Which were for me the greatest moments in which God’s deliverance could be felt? Prayer starter: Blessed are you, Lord, for the countless times you have delivered your servants from violence and death and make them enjoy the fruits of your salvation.
  • 2/10 – Psalm 19 – How can the Gospel of Christ enrich my views on creation and vice versa? Prayer starter: Lord of creation and God of the covenant, help us to appreciate both the wonders of your works in creation and of your mighty deeds in salvation.
  • 2/11 – Psalm 20 – What can we do, as a Christian community, to increase our commitment to peace for the world? Prayer starter: Lord, we hear constantly rumors and reports of war. May we hear more about your plans and your heart’s desire for peace on earth.
  • 2/12 – Psalm 22 – Do I persevere in prayer even when help from God seems to be far from me? Prayer starter: Lord, you cannot ignore the cry of the afflicted. Look upon them and remembers them in your loving kindness that they may be relieved from their affliction.
  • 2/13 – Psalm 23 – In which circumstances (sorrow or joy) did this psalm speak most to me? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, you are the Good Shepherd sent by the Father to gather all his children into one flock and to make them share all goodness and mercy forever at your side in God’s kingdom.
  • 2/14 – Psalm 24 – Did I ever find God in unusual places? If so, what did I learn about God’s presence? Prayer starter: Lord Jesus, raised from the dead, you are the One who opens for us the gates to the eternal city where we may see the face of the King of Glory.

Bible Study for the Fourth Week of Ordinary Time

  • 2/1 – Psalm 1 – Which path in life is mine: instant pleasures and satisfaction or lasting delight and joy? Prayer starter: Your words, O Lord, are an abiding source of blessedness and delight. Let them be a light on our path.
  • 2/2 – Psalm 2 – how does my faith in Jesus help me cope with the uncertainties of the present day and age? Prayer starter: Your designs, O Lord, are for peace and salvation. May all peoples and nations be reconciled and become one in Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord.
  • 2/3 – Psalm 4 – Do I take enough time to pray at night over the joys and concerns of the day? Prayer starter: Lord of the day and of the night, help us to be grateful for the joy of every day. Restore, O gracious God, the gladness of our heart in the midst of our worries and our sorrows.
  • 2/4 – Psalm 5 – What can I do to make my prayer more of a dialogue than a monologue? Prayer starter: Give me, O God, a listening heart so that I can hear you when you answer my call.
  • 2/5 – Psalm 6 – In time of sickness, what do I expect most from God? Prayer starter: Lord, heal my soul and let me find relief and comfort in your steadfast love.
  • 2/6 – Psalm 8 – How do I appreciate better the greatness of creation and of human existence? Prayer starter: Lord, your creation testifies to your glory and to your goodness. May our very existence be a tribute to the magnificence of your Name.
  • 2/7 – Psalm 9Psalm 10 – Is my prayer more on the side of thanksgiving or of supplication? How could I find a better balance? Prayer starter: God Almighty, we give you thanks and praise for all your marvelous deeds. Be a stronghold for the oppressed and give hope and comfort to the afflicted.