You aren’t alone. The wheels fell off and the chalice tipped over for many. You are in good company. Maybe it was the scandals. Maybe you were treated unfairly (we can’t marry you, baptize your child, bury your mom or dad, you aren’t giving enough, where’s your envelopes…). Maybe you were made to feel unworthy of Jesus, His Church, and the Sacraments. Maybe your beloved parish was closed or its traditions were wiped out. We all have our reasons.

Our Catholic faith is something deep seated within us, and because of the way we grew up or were trained, we think there is only one way to be Catholic. There isn’t!

Yes! You can be Catholic without being Roman Catholic.

Come and see. Ask questions. Holy Name of Jesus, 1040 Pearl St., Schenectady NY 12303. Holy Mass Sundays at 10am and Noon. Yes you can come. Yes, you can receive Jesus.