Our parish hosts two branches of the Polish National Union (PNU), a Fraternal Organization. We are home to Branches 140 and 168 and are part of District 10.

The Polish National Union is a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society. It offers various products and services to its members. A key benefit of belonging, beyond the benefits themselves, is that your membership supports our Holy Church and our parish.


Among the products offered by the PNU are

  • Life insurance and annuities.
  • Newborn Child benefits.
  • The ability to join the Spojnia Credit Union which offers great savings and loan rates.
  • College Stipends.
  • Social Memberships.
  • A monthly magazine, Straż.
  • Other fraternal and communal benefits.


The PNU was founded in 1908 to support the financial needs of the members of our Church. These early members were often persecuted for their faith. Because of their Church affiliation they were turned away by other fraternal organizations, insurance companies, as well as banks and Savings & Loans.


The PNU is a highly regulated entity. Headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania, it is overseen by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department which regularly audits and reviews all fraternal organizations. The State of Pennsylvania also requires mandatory levels of cash assets sufficient to meet all obligations. The PNU has a very strong asset position. As of its last Pennsylvania state review, the PNU had in excess oil $26 million in assets with over $25.3 million set aside to meet all life and annuity obligations.

The PNU must also be licensed to operate in the states. It is indeed an Authorized Fraternal Benefit Society in New York State and is registered with the NYS Department of Financial Services.

The PNU is also a member of the American Fraternal Alliance.

Current Specials

Product Overview

  • 5, 10, and 20 Pay Life Policy: The Five, Ten, and Twenty-Pay Life Plan offers the insured full coverage from the time of issue throughout life. Premiums are payable for five, ten, or twenty years respectively. At the end of this period the premiums are no longer payable, yet the life insurance protection continues for the lifetime of the insured or until age one hundred. At this time the policy would pay its face value. Minimum face amounts have been set.
  • Life Paid Up at 85: The Life Paid Up at Age 85 plan offers the insured full coverage from the time of issue throughout life. Premiums are payable until the insured reaches age eighty-five. Minimum face amounts have been set.
  • 20 Year Endowment: The Twenty-Year Endowment Plan offers the insured full coverage from the time of issue. It covers the insured for twenty years. At the end of twenty years the certificate matures. The cash value increases at a constant rate, reaching the face amount at maturity. Premiums are payable for twenty years. At maturity, options consist of cash, cash and face amount of certificate paid up for life, or higher amounts of paid up insurance. Minimum face amounts have been set.
  • Single Premium Life: The Single Premium Plan offers the insured full coverage from the time of issue. Coverage is similar to Whole Life. However, only one premium is paid, providing a paid up certificate for the life of the insured. This plan offers immediate cash value that is nearly equivalent to the premium payment.
  • Tax Deferred Annuities: An Annuity with the Polish National Union of America is an effective, tax-deferred way to put money away for the future. Most importantly, annuities are the only investments that can guarantee you an income for as long as you live.The Polish National Union of America is currently offering one type of annuity: Flexible Premium. With a Flexible Premium Annuity, you can start your annuity with an initial payment of $1,000. Additional deposits of $100 or more can be made to build your Flexible Annuity. However, deposits made subsequent to the initial deposit are limited to a total of $25,000 per year.
  • Social Membership: A Polish National Union of America program for those who want to join a vibrant organization. The Social Membership is a unique way for everyone to join the PNU. Whether you are 1 or 101 the benefits of the PNU can give you financial peace of mind. People who either do not wish to purchase insurance at this time or cannot purchase insurance, can receive many of the member benefits the PNU has to offer for only $30 per year. Social membership is open to all.