Our parish is part of the Polish National Union District of the Polish National Alliance (PNA), Council 308, a Fraternal Organization.

The Polish National Alliance is a fraternal benefit society. It offers various products and services to its members. A key benefit of belonging, beyond the benefits themselves, is that your membership supports our Holy Church and our parish.


Among the products offered by the PNA are:

  • Whole Life and Term life insurance.
  • Annuities.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional and Roth).
  • The ability to join the Spojnia Credit Union which offers great savings and loan rates.
  • A quarterly magazine, Zgoda.

We also provide benefits such as:

  • College Stipends and Scholarships.
  • Other fraternal and communal benefits.


The PNU was founded in 1908 to support the financial needs of the members of our Church. These early members were often persecuted for their faith. Because of their Church affiliation they were turned away by other fraternal organizations, insurance companies, as well as banks and Savings & Loans.

In 2023 the PNU joined with the PNA to form one organization.


The PNA is a highly regulated entity. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, it is overseen by the Illinois Department of Insurance which regularly audits and reviews all insurance organizations. The PNA has a very strong asset position. As of its last Federal tax filing, the PNA had in excess oil $440 million in assets with over $414.9 million set aside to meet its obligations.

The PNA must also be licensed to operate in the states. It is indeed an Authorized Fraternal Benefit Society in New York State and is registered with the NYS Department of Financial Services.

The PNA is also a member of the American Fraternal Alliance.

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