image.php_Holy Name of Jesus is that small church with a big and caring heart. Over the years we have accomplished much in providing for the needs of others. We always welcome new ideas, and those who wish to join us in taking up a ministry of charity.

A list of some of our ministries past and present:

The Parish has formally adopted the Schenectady Inner City Ministry Covenant which states:

We of Schenectady Inner City Ministry (SICM) in the hope and expectation of serving God’s purposes, covenant to relate the resources of the churches to the human needs of the city and to demonstrate the essential unity of the church.

SICM shall challenge individuals and churches consciously to renew or extend their involvement in the larger community and to experience the excitement and joy of service in the spirit of Christ.

We encourage and welcome the full participation in our ministry of those individuals and religious organizations whose concern for human needs proceeds from different orientations, and through the ministry, SICM shall strive to develop increasing understanding.