• 7/28 – 1 Chronicles 16:11 – Lord Jesus, grant that my time in prayer may help me to know You better. open my eyes to Your constant presence and revelation.
  • 7/29 – Proverbs 15:29 – Lord, help me to repent of all sinfulness. Hear my prayer as I seek to conform my life to Yours.
  • 7/30 – Psalm 4:1 – O Lord, hear my prayer. In Your graciousness grant me all I need to live in union with You and Your will.
  • 7/31 – Romans 8:26 – Holy Spirit, my heart cries out in a confusion of needs. I cry out for all in trouble. I cannot make sense of my own needs and requests. Help me to trust in Your understanding and intercession.
  • 8/1 – Philippians 4:6 – Lord, I thank You and praise You for listening to my prayers.
  • 8/2 – 1 Timothy 2:8 – Lord Jesus, bless and protect Your Holy Church. Make each parish a house of prayer and peace without any anger or argument.
  • 8/3 – James 5:16 – Lord, help me to confess my sins in Your Holy Church and to pray for all I have hurt. Heal me so that my prayer may be powerful and effective.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, teach me to pray. Help me to listen to You in prayer and to carry out Your will. Grant the petitions I offer in love.