The grace of God has appeared, saving all

Here we stand, at the manger, at the answer.

We have been inundated by the negatives of the world, particularly over the last several weeks, even in the last 24 hours, but here we stand, before the answer.

In this decrepit, shoddy stable, the answer came to us. The answer came with a one way ticket. The answer, this little baby, came with a one way ticket and brought a new dawn.

The one way ticket is for God intervening, providing us with the way from darkness and sin to light and life. He came to save – Jesus – the name that means God saves. God has come to save His people that are you and me, all of us.

The one way ticket is for God who promised He would come to save, not just temporarily, or for a short time, but forever. He came to stay with us, and in us, as the answer.

This saving work, this answer continues among us. He is here, in this small parish, on a small street. He is in our big and welcoming hearts – the heart of Jesus which we reflect. He is in our community. He is in the many blessings we have received, and the struggles and work we face together. He is in the beauty of our children and the wisdom of our elders. The answer is in Him and His promises – that are for us – here and now.

The answer is among us. God is among us, with us, here to stay. Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you for this holy night. Amen.