• 12/23 – Exodus 15:23-25 – Lord, when I was most thirsty You came to save me. Thank you.
  • 12/24 – Philippians 4:19 – Lord, You promised me Your help whenever I call. Lord, make me strong in faith by Your grace.
  • 12/25 – Job 42:2 – Lord Jesus, You came to fulfill Your Father’s promise and to save me from my sins. I praise You for Your great mercy, and for offering Yourself up for me.
  • 12/26 – Jeremiah 32:17 – Father, through Your Word, Your Son, You created all things. Thank you for creating me and granting me the gifts I need to fulfill Your will.
  • 12/27 – Isaiah 55:11 – Father, Your Eternal Word came to save me. Grant that I may continue to study Your word and will for me.
  • 12/28 – Luke 1:36-37 – Father, Your ongoing miracles exist all around me. Grant me the grace to recognize Your great works and wonderful gifts. Help me to be thankful for them.
  • 12/29 – Luke 18:27 – Lord, help me to look to You first in difficult times, placing my reliance on You Who can accomplish all things.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, to us it seems impossible that in Your power You chose to love us and come to us. Thank you.