• 9/30 – Luke 9:11 – Lord Jesus, You welcomed all who sought You. Open my heart to see Your word in action in all those who follow You.
  • 10/1 – Luke 15:2 – Lord Jesus, You did not judge sinners but welcomed them, opening their hearts to renounce sin and follow You. Grant me the gift of Your forgiveness for the times I have judged others so that I may follow You in the community of faith.
  • 10/2 – Matthew 10:40 – Lord Jesus, grant me openness of heart and mind to receive all who follow You.
  • 10/3 – Galatians 4:14 – Lord, whenever my brothers and sisters face trials grant that I may receive them as I would receive You in Your time of trial. May I recognize the image of Your passion in them.
  • 10/4 – Luke 14:12-14 – Lord of heaven and earth, grant that I may not seek recognition or credit for opening my heart, church, or home but rather that I welcome all as a sign of Your kingdom.
  • 10/5 – Romans 15:7 – Lord Jesus, You did not count our sins and failing, but offered Yourself up to remove our burden. Grant that the glory and freedom You obtained for us may be reflected in my openness to all Your followers; sharers in Your victory.
  • 10/6 – Acts 28:20 – Lord, those in bondage call out to You. Whenever they call out may I be open to receiving, supporting, and welcoming them as You welcome me.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, teach me to welcome all who profess Your name as my family.