Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Dormition. According to Holy Tradition Mary spent her life after Pentecost supporting and serving the Church, and lived in the house of the Apostle John in Jerusalem. The Archangel Gabriel had revealed to her that her repose would occur in three days. The apostles, scattered throughout the world were miraculously transported to be at her side when she died. Mary was buried in Gethsemane, according to her request. After three day, the Apostles visiting her grave found her body was gone, leaving a sweet fragrance. An apparition is said to have confirmed that Christ had taken her body to heaven after three days to be reunited with her soul.

The key is that we honor and love Mary for her faith example. Like her, we are to live after our Pentecost, after our regeneration, supporting and serving the community of faith, the Holy Church. Following her example of humility, faith, and service, we live as children of the Father and the body of Christ, never making ourselves more than or greater than her Son.