Wasn’t it painfully obvious?

“Brothers and sisters: Watch carefully how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, making the most of the opportunity”

Wisdom lies in our ability to admit the obvious. To do what we know is right, and in so doing avoid the mistakes and pain that destroy us.

We know that we cannot fathom God’s wisdom. God is God, incomprehensible to the human mind, eternal. His wisdom goes from eternity past to eternity future. No one has ever instructed Him and never will.

God knows that too. He knows our frailty and our inability. That’s why He comes to us over and over throughout salvation history – right to this day. That’s why He is with us right now.

God comes to us for the purpose of making things plain and simple for us. Doing that He paves our way back to Him.

Proverbs tells us that God sets forth everything we need. It is a banquet of knowledge and wisdom. It is a banquet that is open to all. He sends out His messengers to call everyone to the banquet. There aren’t any requirements, just come and feast – and learn.

St. Paul makes it more obvious – no metaphor. Don’t be stupid; watch how you live, be wise, take advantage of opportunity. What are the opportunities – they are simple: live in the Spirit of God, know Him, love Him, live together as His body and be saved.

Jesus delivers some difficult words today, Eat my flesh, drink my blood, and live forever. The Jewish people, for the most part, couldn’t accept that – it was crazy talk to them. The Romans couldn’t understand anyone offering their flesh and blood to another because they would die in the process. Yet God makes it easy for us to be wise and accept His way. The light of faith gives us the wisdom to know Jesus is God. We know we can trust His truth and His word. In doing that, in following Him we gain true wisdom.

God’s wisdom is easily obtained and knowable. It is this, that He loves us, gave His all for us, has made us one, and wants us to live the way He showed us.

The way of God is pretty simple because it is the way of life. In following God’s wisdom, the right paths He has pointed to, we won’t be led off a cliff and into pain.

Following what Jesus has made painfully obvious, in His taking up the painful punishment we deserve for our failings, keeps us from eternal pain and loss. So let’s be wise, and follow Him.