• 8/5 – Matthew 5:6 – Lord Jesus, I hunger for life in You, I thirst for Your way. Grant through penance and renewal that I may better follow Your way and find true satisfaction.
  • 8/6 – John 6:35 – Lord Jesus, You are the Messiah, the Son of the true God. Grant that my faith, and my participation in the life of Your Holy Church may fill me such that I never hunger.
  • 8/7 – John 6:27 – Lord Jesus, Your Father sent You to feed us with the Bread of Life. Grant that I may always and regularly feed on Your word and Your Body and Blood which will bring me everlasting life.
  • 8/8 – John 6:33 – Lord Jesus, Bread from Heaven, through Your Holy Spirit grant us fortitude and perseverance; grant us life.
  • 8/9 – John 6:47 – Lord Jesus, the fruit of my partaking in You is eternal life. Grant that nothing ever keep me from You and Your promises.
  • 8/10 – John 6:51-53 – Lord Jesus, I praise and thank You for the enduring gift of Your body and blood in the most holy sacrament of the altar. Renew my appreciation and respect for this great gift so that I may have true life without end.
  • 8/11 – Matthew 7:21 – Lord Jesus, grant that I may never pay lip service to Your gifts, but hold them as precious and the means to eternal life which comes from You.

Pray the week: Jesus, thank You for feeding me. Grant that I may believe in and act upon this nourishment.