• 7/29 – Genesis 1:1-2 – Lord God, Your Spirit infuses water with the power to heal, refresh, renew, and regenerate us. Grant that I may see Your hand at work and Your Spirit alive in these waters and that I may find You touching me through them.
  • 7/30 – Genesis 7:17-19 – Lord God, drown me in the waters of Your love and infuse me with Your life.
  • 7/31 – Exodus 2:5-6,10 – Lord God, save me from floating away in despair. Draw me out of the way of the world and make a home for me in Your Holy Church.
  • 8/1 – Exodus 14:21-22 – Lord God, You used the waters of the sea to save Your people. Grant that my entry into Your life through the waters of baptism may not be a one time event, but the start on the road to salvation.
  • 8/2 – John 3:5 – Lord Jesus, lead all to the waters of baptism. Grant that I may continue to live the promises of my entry into Your Holy Church and that the power of the Holy Spirit may make me an example of love and service to all so they may find their home in You.
  • 8/3 – John 4:14 – Lord Jesus, give me this water. Grant that through my partaking of the waters of eternal life that flow from You I may be renewed to do Your will; follow Your way.
  • 8/4 – Revelation 22:1-2 – Heavenly Father, the rivers of life flow from You through Your Son to wash and renew us. This water brings me life to the fullest. Grant me full access to the river of life.

Pray the week: Lord God, thank You for using water to drown us in Your life.