On Friday June 22nd, a Special Synod of the Polish National Catholic Church took place at St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Cathedral and its Youth Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Synod was held to elect two candidates for the office of Bishop within our Holy Church. Four nominees were put before the Church, Rev. Stanley Bilinski, Rev. Raymond Drada, Rev. Bernard Nowicki, and Rev. Jerzy Rafalko. There were 218 delegates from the Church’s five Dioceses as well as guests who witnessed this solemn and special occasion.

Holy Name was represented by Mr. Lawrence Panfil, our Parish Chairman. Each Nominee for the Office of Bishop spoke, giving his plans for the growth of parishes and expansion of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC). The PNCC has parishes throughout the United States, in Canada, as well as in Poland, Norway, Italy, Sweden, and soon in Germany.

The Church sought the intercession and working of the Holy Spirit during Holy Mass before the Special Synod and before the election. Your prayers here in the parish, and those who joined us online were very important to this process, and to the blessings that were received.

Based on the information presented to the delegates and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Synod body chose Rev. Stanley Bilinski and Rev. Bernard Nowicki as candidates for the office of the Bishop.

Bishop elect, Stanley Bilinski
Bishop elect, Bernard Nowicki

There are two dioceses, Buffalo-Pittsburgh and the Western Diocese, in need of Bishops. The date of the the Bishop elects’ Consecration and their assignment will be announced by the Prime Bishop’s Office.