Our Holy Church, in its democratic tradition, and honoring the practices of the Church as they existed from the time of the apostles, has called a special synod to elect two new candidates for the office of Bishop.

Our Church has two unfilled offices, the Bishop of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese and the Bishop of the Western Diocese.

Delegates from across the Church will gather in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Friday, June 22nd, to elect two priests as candidates. Our former pastor, Fr. Stanley Bilinski as well as Fr. Raymond Drada, and Fr. Jerzy Rafalko have been nominated as candidates and were accepted by the review commission.

Please, please, pray during the month and the days leading up to the Special Synod, that the gifts of the Holy Spirit be poured out generously on our Holy Church.

Come, O Holy Ghost, the Lord and Life-giver; take up Your dwelling within my soul, and make of it Your sacred temple. Make me live by grace as an adopted child of God. Pervade all the energies of my soul, and create in me a fountain of living water springing up into life everlasting.

Especially allow our Special Holy Synod to gather and deliberate all the while having wonder in Your Presence. Allow them to depend on Your interaction in the election of candidates to the Office of Bishop in Your Church.