• 4/15 – Philippians 1:6 – Lord Jesus, grant that I may do my utmost to build upon what You have begun in me so that upon meeting You I will be welcomed as a good and faithful servant.
  • 4/16 – John 20:19,26 – Lord Jesus, I pray and long for the day of fulfillment when our bodies will become like Yours in glory. Come Lord Jesus!
  • 4/17 – John 20:27 – Lord Jesus, the reality of our resurrected bodies will be like Yours. I long to reach out and touch You, and for You to welcome me home.
  • 4/18 – Revelation 22:2 – Lord Jesus, I know that You are the tree of life. Grant that being grafted onto You, I too will bear much fruit, feeding all those I meet with the Good News.
  • 4/19 – Revelation 22:3 – Lord Jesus, in the kingdom there will be no curse — no sickness, sadness, or mourning. Grant that my actions this day will reflect the coming kingdom. Allow me to heal suffering, alleviate sadness, and comfort those who mourn.
  • 4/20 – Isaiah 35:5-6 – Lord Jesus, the joys and beauty of the kingdom have broken into the world with Your coming. Grant that I may spread the news of these joys and act in every way; doing my part to bring them about.
  • 4/21 – Matthew 17:3 – Lord Jesus, in the kingdom we will know each other, conversing over the joys that fill us. Grant that I may never cause enmity for all will be my brothers and sisters in the life to come.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, help me to see that heaven is not just a goal, but also something I must bring about.