• 2/5 – Philippians 3:13 – Lord Jesus, grant me the grace of fixing my eyes and thoughts on the road ahead, and Your goal for my life.
  • 2/6 – Acts 22:10 – Lord, grant me the courage to trust solely in Your call and Your guidance.
  • 2/7 – Philippians 3:12 – Forgiving God, look not at my sins of the past but my actions going forward. Grant me the grace to set aside sins, failings, and regrets so that I may work only for Your kingdom.
  • 2/8 – Ephesians 6:7 – Lord, Your path is set before me. Grant that I may follow it without distraction, focused only on pleasing You.
  • 2/9 – Isaiah 40:31 – Lord, the joys of serving You are without number. The graces You provide ensures our victory. Grant me the grace to trust in Your word.
  • 2/10 – John 2:5 – Blessed Mother, pray for me that I may follow your example and call all to do as your Son Jesus asks.
  • 2/11 – Isaiah 33:21-22 – Lord, Your path and Your goal are not obtained by force or power, but by trust and willingness to do as You ask. Grant me the grace to go Your way, and there to find my rest and peace.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to reach the goal You set before me.