• 2/19 – Luke 7:35-50 – Lord Jesus, I love you and I know you love me. Grant me the strength to come to you with my failings, as this woman did, so I may leave free.
  • 2/20 – Luke 15:11-32 – Lord Jesus, You are generous in your forgiveness. Grant me the grace to forgive generously, freely, and extravagently.
  • 2/21 – Luke 19:1-10 – Lord Jesus, You restored Zacchaeus, and he generously restored to others. Grant me the same generosity in making right my relationships with others.
  • 2/22 – John 8:1-11 – Lord Jesus, help me to reflect on my own failings so that I may reconcile with You and Your Church. Grant me the grace to avoid judgment of others.
  • 2/23 – Acts 9:1-19 – Lord, grant me the strength to go before those who have wronged me, and with faith forgive them as You forgive me.
  • 2/24 – Matthew 18:21-22 – Lord, grant that I may not count the cost of forgiveness, but rather forgive generously and freely.
  • 2/25 – Matthew 7:1-5 – Lord Jesus, grant me perseverance throughout this Lent to forgive others and to focus only on my own shortcomings. In this process may I be reconciled with You, Your Church, and all my brothers and sisters.

Pray the week: Lord Jesus, teach me to forgive as You forgive.