• 12/11 – Matthew 2:7-8
 Reflect and pray: O Lord, allow me to always seek you, not for my own ends, or to fulfill the desires of others, but in truth and for the good of my soul.
  • 12/12 – Matthew 2:9
 Reflect and pray: O Lord, may the light of your star be ever before me as I travel. May I see your light shining upon all I meet along the way.
  • 12/13 – Matthew 2:10-11
 Reflect and pray: Lord Jesus, may I recognize your presence in each place I enter. May I always be ready to offer my gifts of time, talent, and treasure freely and in accordance with Your will.
  • 12/14 – Matthew 2:12-15
 Reflect and pray: Lord, may your presence be seen in every child. May I always work toward ending every form of abuse and bullying toward those little ones You embraced.
  • 12/15 – Galatians 4:4-5
 Reflect and pray: Lord, You came to reveal the fullness of the law and in doing so delivered us from bondage. May I see myself as a child of the Father, Your brother, and as an heir to the kingdom.
  • 12/16 – Ephesians 2:8-9
 Reflect and pray: Lord, giver of every grace, in accepting You, and through baptism, I was saved. May I always treasure Your grace, work for the good of all because of Your grace, and in doing so only boast only of You.
  • 12/17 – 1 John 4:7-16 Reflect and pray: Lord God, by the gift of Your Son Jesus I know love. May I always live and abide in the love Jesus taught and in doing so reveal Your presence in my life.

Pray this week: Jesus, I long for Your coming.