The Music Scholarship Program will indeed be able to present financial help to its applicants once again this year with the help of your worthy donations. All across our Church, helpful church-people have offered their donations, which will turn into a blessed music ministry in our Church.

It was gratifying for this pastor, when asked to stand as a former recipient of a Scholarship at the Music Workshop in 2009, Hannah stood as well – a proud moment indeed.

This year the Scholarships will be announced at the Music Workshop to be held in our Diocese, hosted by Holy Mother of Sorrows parish in Dupont, PA.

The Deadline to apply for any Scholarships is April 1st. Applications for any of these awards may be received from the Music Scholarship Administrator: Mrs. Cathy Bilinski, 4051 Washington Crescent, Troy, MI 48085

Just to add a thankful, happy, yet tearful note: Yesterday, February 5th, the Chair of Music at the Savonarola Theological Seminary for over 30 years, Åš+P Michael Augustine, was buried in Scranton, PA. No doubt he will be directing the heavenly chorus, as he had the Cathedral Choir and the Scranton Circle of the United Choirs for many years. Åš+P Mr. Augustine was a brilliant teacher and a mentor to Father Stan who served as Father’s music instructor during his seminary matriculation.