What a glorious Sunday morning (in church) last week:

In church) because like some of you, Father Stan experienced the icy roads. Turning onto Pearl Street, the car did not comply, missing a stop sign, a fire hydrant, and a light pole, all by mere inches. God did not want him to miss the blessings the morning had to offer.

First, was the humbling experience of leading the congregation in penitential devotions, seeking God’s absolution for sins. Coupled with the many of our family that had come forward to receive the holy anointing was additionally humbling but yet faith-filled. Emotions began to build.

Next, we were all joyfully entertained by such energy and presence bringing the Christmas story into much focus and wonderful song and statement. All new songs were taught and learned and presented with such energy, but that was said already. The talent of our veterans, Megan, Loryn, Adam, Victoria, Claudia, Hannah, and rookie, Jayson, brought such beauty and energy (yes, it is said again) to the presentation. Many thanks and much appreciation go out to Deborah Bilinski for producing the presentation, and to Liz Battaglia, for leading the learning of the songs.

And the blessings kept on coming: Up to last Friday, there were three dishes listed on the chart leading to a possibly sparse “wigilia” / vigil dinner. But true to the Lord’s blessings of the day, two tables were filled with offerings to offer us sustenance and tradition. Such a variety and range of flavors we have come to anticipate, and, once gain, we were not disappointed.

And despite the icy roads, many of you had come to share in these blessings, and to you, a heartfelt thank you and Bóg Zapłac is offered.